Agents of SHIELD: Code Yellow


Neither of them are going to get what they expected out of this “reunion.” 

So far in season six of Agents of SHIELD, Jeff Ward, who plays Deke Shaw, has been in the credits, but his roguish character hasn’t been seen or even mentioned. They change that up with “Code Yellow.” We not only find out what Deke has been up to, but get some startling developments in the hunt for Sarge’s crew, and see the aftermath of some of their activities. There’s some interesting chaos afoot here.

The episode starts with Deke and his best friend Trevor playing an immersive, VR style combat game. Deke pulls off some spectacular and unlikely moves, spouts clichés, and rescues a girl, in this case a very familiar face that could get Deke in a lot of trouble. He gets shaken out of the game by his insistent girlfriend, Sequoia. She’s a social influencer that works for his start up company. As Deke walks the halls and talks to people, we get a really good idea where most of “creations” have come from. It does sound like he has a few noble goals amid all the self-aggrandizement.

At the Lighthouse, Mack and Keller very carefully don’t have a conversation about some personal matters. Mack puts the choice squarely on Keller’s shoulders, but pretty much phrases it in such a way that Keller is going to go along with not talking about the issue. Yo-Yo comes in, ratcheting up the tension another few levels, with some updates about Sarge and what he and his folks are up to.

We get our own view of that as Pax and Jaco track a man to a bus station with some high-tech toys. The man runs, only to find the rest of the team, and they deal with him in a fairly final way. Even Snowflake stops her usual babble about butterflies over this one. Deke keeps pushing his company in new and different directions. They cover a lot of different areas that the same company usually wouldn’t. Deke’s brainstorming gets interrupted when he’s told he has an unscheduled appointment in the conference room. This, of course, turns out to be Sarge, but Deke doesn’t know about that and thinks it’s Coulson.

Sarge is clearly bluffing, trying to go along with whatever Deke says. Instead of just killing him, Sarge wants information on who this “Coulson” is. May and Mack have the body Sarge left behind, and are bringing it in to be examined by reluctant scientific advisor Benson. Mack studies the video and stills from the bus station, and is also struck by the similarities to Coulson, which May strongly reminds him this is NOT. Yo-Yo and Keller bring the body the rest of the way, and talk about their relationship complications and what they like about each other.

Benson is impressed once again by the strangeness of the body brought to him. The man is certainly hitting the ground running with SHIELD’s unusual cases. The dead man was on the way to somewhere that figures into Keller and the late Fox’s odd theory. Deke finally figures out this isn’t Coulson, and does a few fairly impressive things to get away. Sarge doesn’t react quite normally to the injuries he sustains, so something is off about the man aside from his resemblance to the dearly departed. The rest of the crazies are all there, and Deke goes scrambling off for his life, yelling at everyone to get out. Sarge and Jaco have an odd exchange, hinting there’s more to the big brute than meets the eye. They also think there’s something unusual about Deke, which there is, of course. He’s from a future in a timeline that doesn’t exist anymore. How they know this, I’m not sure.

Benson grumbles about strange autopsies and bodies in walls, which is fair. All the background information they can find on the dead man doesn’t fit with what they’ve learned. Benson finally gets the body open and makes an even stranger discovery. Sarge makes some odd sounding taunts to Deke as he hunts him through the company’s corridors. Their very high stakes game of hide and seek ends when Deke’s buddy Trevor pops up, and he isn’t what he seems, either.

The autopsy gets stranger as Benson shares the results of the blood work. He also finds the knife Sarge left behind. He follows a standard protocol, but this isn’t a standard case, and things go bad quickly. This seems to be another scene where Yo-Yo forgets she has powers. That goes from bad to worse as the problem spreads.

Deke argues with the man he thought was his best friend, who isn’t impressed with a lot of Deke’s business plan. SHIELD arrives, and Deke has mixed feelings about seeing Mack again. Mack gets brought up to speed, especially about the Coulson clone. They split into teams to go after Sarge’s team, and May offers some dark congratulations to Deke. Keller and Yo-Yo’s search for their new problem takes a grim and surprising turn. Benson does what he can to take the newest development in stride.

The SHIELD team moves in, and May isn’t thrilled with what Deke has been up to. Deke, of course, doesn’t know about Coulson (which would have prevented some of these problems), Fitz, or Simmons. Deke gets stashed on the quinjet and a reality check about his status in SHIELD’s priorities. He’s perfectly happy to stay where he is… until he gets a call from what might be a contender for most oblivious woman on the planet. Deke gears up, partially, and goes charging off, to the confusion of the agent who was supposed to be watching him.

Benson tries to work out what to do next, and says he needs a procedure no one in the medical profession has ever done. I wonder if that’s strictly accurate, but Simmons isn’t around (or even in this episode). Some jokes are exchanged, and they move forward with a desperate plan. Pax moves through Deke’s company, and finds a truly focused gamer/coder. Deke finds Sequoia, and there’s a sort of comedic rescue attempt. I will give Deke points for knowing what his strengths are. Snowflake and May get into a vicious, knock-down, drag-out fight after they both agree they don’t use guns. Unfortunately, the villain who gets the drop on May does.

Pax finds Deke and Sequoia the Annoying. Deke does try to protect Sequoia, but Mack turns up and makes that unnecessary. Deke, finally getting an icer, overdoes it on Pax, which is fine… until Jaco shows up. Deke gets another idea, and he and Mack lead Jaco away. May’s fortunes do not improve, although Sarge is more interested in answers than a body count at the moment. Deke’s idea works, although Mack doesn’t like some of what he sees, and Deke makes an impressive offer.

The situation at the Lighthouse gets contained, after a fashion, but not without cost. Benson is going to have more strange work to do, and someone else is probably going to need therapy. After a last glare from May, the end scene is sort of Sequoia’s version of the events of the episode. Someone who has been undercover is very sloppy about social media in this instance.

What I liked: I admit to being intrigued by whatever mission Sarge is leading his group on. The strange events in and around the autopsy show something unusual is clearly going on. How that connects to Deke, I’m not sure, but I have a theory. I’m glad they remembered Deke isn’t just some putz, but was a tough survivor in his own era. May’s fight with Snowflake was great…

What I didn’t: …but the end of May’s fight was sloppy. She should be better than that. The bad guys seem to keep slipping away, although I think SHIELD got two of them. I was sorry for the ending one of the characters seems to have gotten. I liked that one. Someone is letting  a bit too much go out over social media.

It was a good episode with several different pieces of the overall plot moving along. I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. Hopefully, we learn more about what’s going on next time.