Supergirl: Call to Action


What IS in that pie?


Supergirl’s fourth season continues as Thanksgiving approaches and the cast has to answer the “Call to Action.” I find it a bit odd that the past several seasons have all dealt with an array of alien menaces, and now that the problems are from humanity, the hostile aliens seem to have disappeared. I wonder if word just got around—Hey, don’t go to Earth, those people have gone crazy.


A couple out walking in a park debate Thanksgiving pie options, and get jumped by the Children of Liberty, complete with attack dog and a small arsenal. Manchester Black shows up and attacks the Children, but gets cocky and slips up. Fortunately, Supergirl shows up to lend a hand. As she and Manchester compare notes, there’s a drone overflight, dropping manifestos from the Children of Liberty, spewing their vile, anti-alien hatred under the title “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.”


Lena and Eve are working on some visually disturbing experiments with the harrenal from Argo City. Eve mentions the fliers, and Lena talks about booking James on the Counterpoint tv show, hoping he’ll renounce the Children who have made James’ Guardian identity their poster child. The experiment doesn’t go well, and Eve gives Lena a good pep talk.


Supergirl and Alex bring their concerns about the Children to Col. Haley… who doesn’t care. She berates Supergirl for breaking up muggings without orders. I’m a little unclear here on whether Supergirl actually works FOR or WITH the DEO. If she works for them, how is she getting paid? Does she get checks made out to Supergirl? Does she have a bank account somewhere? Obviously, that’s a bit goofy, but I’m wondering how Haley has the standing to give Supergirl orders. Haley gives them a weird mix of a dressing down and Thanksgiving wishes. She brought in sweet potato pie, which becomes a running joke through the show, especially in the next scene with Brainiac 5. The drones from the flier drop prove to be dead ends, and Alex gets her Thanksgiving dinner assignment from Mother Eliza via Kara.


Lockwood gets to his house, juggling his identities as Agent Liberty and father/husband. Lena brings James a new suit and news of his booking on Counterpoint. James is annoyed she didn’t tell him, which I get. They go from disagreeing to bickering, before James brings up this is a work issue. Then Lena quite literally reminds him who’s boss. J’Onn pays a call on Manchester, bearing good wishes and an invitation to Kara’s Thanksgiving dinner (which is a bit odd). Manchester brushes J’Onn off so he can go back to his special project in the bathroom.


At CatCo, Kara brings up a new article with James, who is still out of sorts about Lena’s booking him on the show. Kara offers to go, and James takes the odd position of “I can’t go, but I don’t want you to, either.” Kara tries to talk him into it, and they both notice Nia Nal is out cold at her desk. She suddenly wakes up and pleads narcolepsy, although she can’t come up the name for it, which is weird on many levels. Kara offers to have her mother, familiar with the best doctors in the city, fix Nia up with an appointment, but Nia declines.


Alex goes to Dox, who is making little progress on the flies, but a lot of progress on the pie. Alex leaves him to it, while James meets Tom, his Child of Liberty contact. They talk about dogs and bench pressing. Lena and Eve make a surprising discovery about the heart they are currently working on. Kara gets some debatable help from Napping Nia, but then Nia does manage a really good pep talk. Kara goes on the show, and finds her opposing speaker is Ben Lockwood. The man’s everywhere now. James and Tom walk the dog and talk as Tom sends texts to his wife about Thanksgiving dinner, or so he claims. James tries to point out where the Children are wrong about him, but not very forcefully and Tom’s not listening.


Manchester Black continues his “work” and wonders if he needs a new approach. Lockwood and Kara debate the alien issue on the show, with her using both logic and appealing to people’s better natures, while he stoops to fearmongering and twisting quotes.


After the show, it’s time for Thanksgiving dinner at Kara’s. I’m still trying to figure out how Manchester, who most of them don’t know, rates an invitation while Eve, who has worked with the majority of them, doesn’t. There’s some more fun interplay between Dox and Nia, and a hint or two about Dox’s family. Manchester, arriving late, feels out J’Onn on his stance about the proper use of his powers. Eliza panics Nia by offering to help with her medical situation, and things are notably cool between James and Lena. It’s a wide-ranging debate/conversation which darkly hints at what Lena is going to be working on next before they figure out what the Children of Liberty are up to. The dinner party breaks up as people rush off to take action. James and Lena argue more.


Lockwood enjoys dinner with his family, his prayer becoming the voiceover for the Children arming up to enact their violent plan. I’ll grant, it was a bit clever. What may be one of my favorite scenes of the series happens when Dox encounters a group of Children, utters the weirdest and lamest sounding threat ever, and then shows what a bad-ass a 12th level intellect with a good grasp of physics and a Legion Flight Ring can be. Another group of Children runs afoul of a family pet that is a lot more than it seems. James ends up fighting with his earlier contact, Tom the Regular Guy Racist. Somehow Tom is able to give James a good fight, although where James received his training that lets him fight so well as Guardian is still unclear. Supergirl wraps up a really odd distraction with some help from a little girl, and is bemused at the results.


Haley chews out both Supergirl and Alex about taking action in spite of her orders, but she does finally admit the Children are a threat (I was almost starting to wonder if she was one of them). She pushes Alex further, and Alex stands up to her with a great little speech. Lockwood’s glare at the news covering Supergirl’s heroics is interrupted when he gets news that’s bad for everyone else, but good for him. Supergirl and Alex talk about how different this fight will be from all their others. The sisters also compare notes on Nia’s conflicting stories. J’Onn is happy Haley will be paying attention to the Children. James does some follow-up and finds himself in a really bad position. Lena seems to be heading down the rabbit hole toward the “dark side but with good intentions” path. The show ends with Manchester going further into his own darkness.


What I liked: Brainy’s fight with the Children was fantastic. Actually, Brainy had a lot of good scenes this week. The family pet issue was unexpected and entertaining. I’m glad they are continuing the Thanksgiving dinner tradition, even if I don’t agree with the guest list. It was good to see Eliza again. I really like the odd dynamic we’ve got going with Brainy and Nia.


What I didn’t: Colonel Haley seems to exist solely to be a roadblock for the heroes, and she’s damned annoying. I’d like clarification on Supergirl’s status with the DEO. I don’t like the James/Lena conflict, and I think they’re both doing things wrong. That said, James being so tolerant of the Children, after recounting the racist incidents of his younger days, makes no sense at all.


It was a good episode, better than most of the season so far. I’ll give it a high 3.5 out of 5.