The Gifted: unMoored


Get the blaster drunk on the roof. What could go wrong?

The second season for The Gifted continues with “unMoored.” Things open three years ago, with a very different John Proudstar not handling being out of the Marines well. He gets a visit from Evangeline, who we saw briefly at the end of last season, who recruits John into the Mutant Underground, giving us another piece of John’s origin. She gives him some words of hope he has real trouble believing.


In the present, John goes to check on Marco. Marco is at his desk, using his powers to make a toy for his child that he still hasn’t even seen. Marco is worried about Lorna and his child, and wonders if he’ll ever get to see them. He tells John about his and Lorna’s first date and something special he did for them back then. John tells Marco about another lead they have, and muses that he might know someone who can help with the data they got from Wire.


At the Inner Circle’s headquarters, Reeva, leader by murderous coup, seems worried. The Stepford Cuckoos come in with paperwork to back up their excuses about not keeping Lorna’s power locked down during her delivery, and what they’ve done to cover it up since. Reeva gives them an assignment to keep cleaning up loose ends, and it’s the first division among the sisters we’ve seen.


Blink brings Cristina news at the clinic/Underground headquarters. Her missing sister might be in a shelter in Alexandria (a suburb of DC, where much of the last few seasons of The Walking Dead have been set, and where I presently live). Cristina argues for going after her now, and then undermines her own point with her power control issues. Lauren empathizes with Cristina, telling her that her own brother has been missing for six months.


Lauren goes to bed and has more bad dreams about a reunion with Andy. In Atlanta, we see Agent Turner, who seems to no longer be with Sentinel Services. He hasn’t, however, lost his fanatical hatred of mutants. His wife isn’t pleased when he starts backsliding into old habits. Blink and John are in bed as John thinks about Evangeline, the lawyer he met in the flashback. He shares some of the darker bits of his past with Blink.


The Cuckoos lead a mission to the airport to take out one of those loose ends Reeva was worried about. Reed and Kate argue about her yet again deciding to run off on another hair-brained scheme. Really, does she have some kind of deathwish? An inability to do the smart thing? The argument turns nasty and Kate says some pretty ugly things to Reed that Lauren overhears. The Cuckoos carry out their task with their usual sadistic style.


Andy is looking the worse for wear after his nightmares, and Lorna gently makes fun of him. Those two have gotten close since fleeing the Underground. Andy blames his exhaustion on late night gaming habits. His issues with his sister spill over, affecting his training and worrying Reeva. It’s not good for Reeva to think you can’t do what she wants you to do.


While John, Marco, and Kate get answers they didn’t want to hear from Evangeline, Reeva calls Andy in for a talk. It’s a combination of pep talk, fake empathy, and threat. Reed goes over his father’s old notes, remembering some of the things he was told, and then lies about what he’s doing when Lauren comes in to talk to him. Really, Reed, how is keeping secrets going for your family so far? Still think this is a good idea? Lauren ends up being more a parent to him for this scene than the other way around.


Lorna and Andy talk power problems, baby care, and names. Lorna is worried, which means she’s at least seeing clearly enough to know what Reeva really is. The scene ends on a very amusing awkwardness about feeding the baby. Andy wanders off on his own for a bit and does something understandable, but foolish. All he manages to do is freak out both Reed and Reeva, which is a tough trick to pull off. Turner meets up with a former co-worker who warns the former agent that he’s heading down the road of conspiracy theories and craziness. At home, Turner cleans house and, best I can tell, lies to his wife.


Evangeline, despite her reservations, does some research and tells the team what she’s learned about the Inner Circle. None of it is good. They also hear Reeva’s name for the first time. John wants to gather up the remaining powerful mutants connected to the Underground and try and fight the other group, which Evangeline says is a really bad idea, but gives him a suggestion and shows she’s pretty much lost all hope. Andy has more problems in training, and the Cuckoos tell Reeva what’s on his mind.


Reeva and Esme debate what to do next, and we see once again that Esme has at least something approaching a conscience, unlike her sisters. Reeva talks with Andy about his doubts, and he unknowingly saves his own life by telling her most of the truth, including something about his mother we didn’t know about. Reeva goes on about her dream for the future, and Andy clearly isn’t comfortable about everything.


The Underground manages to get Cristina and Jasmine back together, which is a sub-plot I thought would go on a lot longer (I’m fine with being wrong about that). Their reunion touches off some tensions with Reed and Lauren, and she shows a bit of the Von Strucker temper. Lauren has been having some problems she’s keeping to herself, but after she storms out, Reed shows his own issues are worsening.


Blink and John talk about recent developments, and we hear more about her hated contacts. I’m betting those making her powerless are going to be a big issue at some point this season. They banter a bit before kissing. Kate and Marco have a drunken self-pity party on the roof, although Kate is handing it better than he is. Then again, she’s at least seen her children.


The episode ends with a lot of intense emotion. John sneaks out of bed to go work out his frustrations over his losses in a display of some of power besides the tracking. Andy focuses better and makes Reeva happy. Marco does something foolish that makes Lorna happy, before the show ends on a major new development for her.


What I liked: They are doing a great job of incorporating all sorts of minor characters from the X-Men books. I really like John, and think he and Blink make both a good couple and a good team. Lorna is doing her best to look out for Andy. Lauren is perfectly justified in calling out both her parents.


What I didn’t: Kate is taking too many chances and is way too obsessed with getting Andy back at all costs. I’m worried someone else is going to pay that cost. Reeva is a ruthless fanatic, and that’s just about never a good thing. Reed needs to start telling people what’s going on with him, fast. Turner is making more and more problems for himself.


I still like the series, but I feel like it’s not as strong as last season so far. I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5 and hope at least some of the characters stop doing dumb things.