Cloak & Dagger: Colony Collapse



Ok, see, what happened was…


This is a season finale, so, as usual, there are likely going to be spoilers. Be warned.


Cloak and Dagger finish their first season with “Colony Collapse,” usually a catastrophic event involving bees. This is scaled up to be a disaster for the entire city. Chantelle narrates various events from the past with prior versions of the “Divine Pairing” saving the city, although one of them dies each time. This stitches the episode together and recurs throughout it. As Chantelle teaches her history lesson, Evita ponders the figures that represent Tyrone and Tandy, but she doesn’t look at all happy about it.


At the Bowen house, the assassin has taken Melissa hostage, and Tandy has to try and save her mother. Tandy uses a combination of taunts, hints about what’s really going on, and eventually her powers to confuse and then drive the killer off. Tandy makes sure her mother is all right and then runs off to try and save the world, or at least the city.


Tyrone, on the run after being framed for Fuchs’ murder, is hiding in the Red Hawks’ warehouse. The Hawks aren’t too pleased to see the police and run interference, although I’m not sure if they knew he was there or not. Otis, however, does know, and brings Tyrone his cloak. They have yet another unexpected conversation and Otis gives Tyrone some sad but practical advice. Tyrone uses his power and the cloak to get away, leaving Otis very confused.


Tandy goes to Mina’s flooded amusement park home (a real place just outside New Orleans, or at least based on one) for some Terror-fighting action and some answers on what’s going on in the city. Mina is rattled by the seemingly impossible events going on around her, but manages to give Tandy some answers. They’re not ones that Tandy wants, but then, being a hero isn’t easy.


Tyrone plays hide and seek with the cops in the Mardi Gras crowds, aided by his teleportation power. O’Reilly tries to do a last-minute save, but Tyrone’s power doesn’t always work right yet, and both of them get arrested. As an aside, while I don’t usually comment on commercials during a review, this episode had the stars of the show chatting briefly with Chadwick Boseman, now best known for playing the Black Panther.


After another bit of New Orleans history from Chantelle, Tyrone and O’Reilly get brought into the station to a lot of glares. The dark side of the NOPD is out strong tonight. Tyrone watches as one of the cops stuffs his cloak in a drawer, which even with corruption going on is bad evidence handling. Tandy and Mina charge off to save the city and have a very amusing conversation about destiny and string theory.


O’Reilly and Tyrone end up locked in a storeroom in the back of the station, proving that they’re in a real gray area among bent cops. O’Reilly tries to talk them out of it with the one guard left behind, but Tyrone ends up bonding with him over being a native of New Orleans and having worried parents. Tyrone almost gets them out but then there’s some bad timing.


Scarborough is busy destroying evidence like a good corporate drone, but his getaway hits a snag when Tandy and Mina show up. Tandy pushes for some answers, and get told what they need is in annex 616 (in the Marvel Comics, there are many Earths, and the “main” one is 616). Tandy then uses her powers to arrange a nasty, but deserved, fate for Scarborough.


Tyrone and O’Reilly are bonding when Connors shows up, spewing villainy. He really is unapologetically evil. The corrupt cop lays out his plan and begins to enact it when the station gets invaded by Terrors. Things don’t go well for any of the cops involved. Chantelle spins another tale of New Orleans’ past, and Mina and Tandy get a complication in their quest to shut down the other valves before the entire city is contaminated.


Tyrone gives some advice to O’Reilly about fighting the terrors and goes looking for his cloak. Bizarrely, one of the cops tells him it’s in weapon storage. First off, why is the cop suddenly helping them, second, why does the cop think is remotely important while monsters are attacking, and thirdly, why would a piece of fabric be in weapon storage? Tandy plays hide and seek with a new Terror while Tyrone lures the attackers into a room and ports away, trapping them inside, although it comes with a cost. Tyrone arrives at Tandy’s side and is greeted with a snarky comment, but one delivered with a smile.


Tyrone and Tandy are both sliding into a dark mood following their respective losses. Evita suddenly shows up (I have no idea how she knew where to find them—more readings from Chantelle?) and tells them about their destiny as the current Divine Pairing. After Evita leaves, Tandy ends up giving Tyrone a pep-talk. She’s actually quite good at it. To replace Tyrone’s lost cloak (such a brief time for his comic book look, sadly), Tandy gives him back his coat she stole on that fateful night. Tandy and Tyrone fight their way through the streets, given some cover fire from O’Reilly. She doesn’t fare as well when she returns to her vehicle and comes off second best in a confrontation with Connors. She gets badly hurt and exposed to some of Roxxon’s strange energies.


Tyrone and Tandy fight their way to the annex and have a run-in of their own with Connors. Tyrone stands up to Connors, and the crooked detective finds out about a new aspect of Tyrone’s powers we haven’t seen before. The heroes manage to combine their powers, save the day, and survive the experience, ending up someplace unexpected.


To wrap up, Evita hears about the strange disturbances in the city being over now, smiles, and puts away her toys. Tandy moves back home with her mother, trying to make things work and bringing good news. Tyrone is on the run, with the tacit approval of his mother. There’s an amusing reversal of fortunes, and we see that the pair are still very close. The water delivery assassin finds Scarborough after Tandy finished with him. And the last thing we see is what might be their new foe for season two.


What I liked: It was a small thing, but Scarborough at one point mentions keeping up with the “Starks and Rands.” It was a great little line tying together this series, the Netflix shows, and the movies. I’m glad that both Tandy and Tyrone finally embraced their powers and worked together. I like where we left things with Tandy and her mom. I liked Chantelle and Evita, working mostly behind the scenes. They did a great job of making it feel like they were in New Orleans without doing just stock shots of Bourbon Street or something similar.

What I didn’t: I really don’t like that Tyrone’s cloak was so short lived and we never saw Dagger in costume at all, nor were their codenames ever used. I’m worried about where they left both Mina and O’Reilly.


I was really impressed with this series and I’m very glad it’s back for another season. I’ll give the finale a 4 out of 5, and the season the same rating.