Supergirl: Schott Through the Heart


Special Collector’s Edition…

Supergirl and friends return from their weird mid-season break of timesharing their slot in the schedule with Legends of Tomorrow, which has wrapped its season. The episode opens with Kara giving her friends what sounds like a military pep-talk. It should be the lead in to a major DEO operation, but is actually getting everyone ready for karaoke night at the Alien Bar With No Name. I wonder if whoever owns it is an alien whose culture has something against names or titles or something. Several of them are very good. Drunk Alex really isn’t, and J’Onn is emotionless and infletionless, sounding more like Spock than J’Onn. There’s a lot of chatter, like Mon-El checking in with James Olsen on how he’s doing and James not wanting to talk about the new woman he’s seeing. Alex wonders why J’Onn and his father moved in three months ago with no housewarming party. M’yrnn, J’Onn’s father, makes some interesting observations about karaoke.

The night is going well, which always makes me nervous when heroes have a fun off night. Sure enough, bad news springs up, in this case, a news bulletin that tells Winn his father has been found dead in prison. I guess whoever works in the office there didn’t manage to notify him. He walks off stage and goes into the back alley they love shooting scenes in. Olsen goes to keep him company. Winn goes through a very understandable confusing series of emotions, fitting for his complicated relationship with his supervillain father.

They waste no time skipping to the burial at the cemetery, which is about as badly attended as you’d expect for a man who randomly attacked and killed people. A woman comes up and talks to Winn, and his friends are stunned to learn that this is his mother and he’s not interested in talking. The argument gets derailed when Toyman’s last surprise goes off, Kara makes a change to Supergirl and helps shield everyone. Mary, Winn’s mother, shows that she’s hard to freak out and quick with a quip.

They make the questionable choice of bringing everyone, including Mary, back to the DEO. Because sure, let’s bring the stranger we know nothing about to a top secret, allegedly hidden base with a lot of dangerous and important secrets. Alex checks her out, and she’s not hurt from the funeral incident. Supergirl asks Winn if he’s sure his father is actually dead, and Winn runs down an impressive list of things he did to make certain. Winn also isn’t receptive to the idea that anyone would be helping his father. M’yrnn comes in with a pizza, which is both entertaining and a hint of a problem coming up. Mon-El needs to talk to Supergirl about something, but all we really find out is Imra lied to him about something and he makes a nice apology for something early in the Mon/Kara relationship.

He leaves just in time to avoid the next problem. Mary’s admiration of what Winn has accomplished, and his not being interested in her explanations or compliments, gets interrupted by chaos out in the halls. Something is skywriting “SURRENDER MARY” in the sky, just before the DEO is attacked by a swarm of flying monkeys. Seriously. After a good quip from James, there’s a pitched battle between the DEO forces and the monkeys. Mary, in the midst of the fight, questions Winn’s choice of careers. While this goes on, Alex is over at J’Onn’s with him and M’yrnn. They reflect on the treatment of black entertainers in early history, and we get more hints about the problems M’yrnn is going through.

James goes to check on Winn after all this, and I’m glad that keeps coming up. With so many separate plot lines, the friendship between James and Winn has been off screen a lot lately, and it’s nice to see it again here. James offers some good advice, but does it in a friendly way and is clearly worried about his friend.

Mary is hanging out on the DEO balcony that seems to have replaced the one outside Cat’s office as the place for chats. Supergirl joins her, and they talk about Winn’s contributions and Mary’s pride in him. Supergirl also downplays the annoyance of the invasion of winged primates. Dinner at the J’Onzz’s winds down and M’rynn and Alex have an awkward conversation that ends in her leaving suddenly.

Winn is working on the remnants of the mechanical invaders and gets some unwanted help from Mary. She picked up a few tricks from her time with her evil husband. As they examine the defeated attackers, Mary fills in some details about why she left Winn all those years ago. There’s also a passing reference to Ivy Town, a frequently used location over on Arrow, and the comic book home of the Atom. While they make some faltering steps toward patching up family issues, J’Onn checks in with Alex to see what happened at the party, and she won’t talk about it, honoring her word to M’yrnn.

An increasingly worried James leaves another message for Lena, who apparently has been out of touch for a few days (cue ominous music). Mary and Winn agree that the wiring in the monkey-bots is amateurish, but Mary finds something and hides it. In one of the more unbelievable bits of the show, Mary then manages to sneak into the armory, steal a gun, and get out of the building without anyone noticing. Sorry, I don’t buy that. At all. Mary then goes to confront someone, trying in a misguided way to protect Winn. Our mystery villain was prepared for guests, and Mary’s crusade is short-lived.

Winn notices she’s gone just in time for them to get the threatening video message from the villain, with the expected swap Winn for Mary deal. Winn, of course, is going, as are Supergirl, Mon-El, and James, with his shield but without his Guardian costume, which we haven’t seen in a long time. The villain is an obsessed fan of Toyman with a minor connection to the apparently actually dead bad guy. The Toyman sequel, not as good as the original, sics some more lethal toys on the DEO crew as she goes on about her duty to her dead mentor. I think the highlight of the fight was Mon-El fighting a life size robo-T-Rex, and pulling some neat tricks with a banner-like bit of cloth he grabs during the chaos. Winn and his mother actually do alright on their own against the villain.

Karaoke night comes around again, and we find out that Mon-El really, seriously, can’t sing. Mary and Winn get in some bonding on stage. Mon-El talks to Kara, and, after some confusion, gets to some of the point about what he wanted to say. The Legion is not here by accident after all, and Imra and Brainy both deceived him. He offers to teach her some of the “cape tricks” he did, and there’s talk about his Legion costume. J’Onn finally finds out what’s going on with his dad. Crushed, he goes to the bar and Alex gives him a wordless hug. James finally gets a call from Lena, and, while she doesn’t come clean, we see what’s been keeping her busy. Oddly, IMDB lists her as credit only for this episode, but there she in the final scene.

What I liked: It’s good seeing Mon-El in action again. After being shoved to the side for so long, it was nice seeing a Winn focus episode. I ended up liking Winn’s mother. The Toyman wannabe made some degree of sense. I kind of enjoyed the Flying Monkeys. They did a great job of making Toyman a menacing presence without him ever actually showing up.

What I didn’t: I really don’t like where they are going with M’rynn. I don’t need to see this story play out. I don’t get why they won’t let Guardian actually fully appear this season. And, for that matter, with the focus on Winn, what happened to his girlfriend???

It was a decent episode. I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. Hopefully, we see more of the Legion in action soon.