Legends of Tomorrow: The Good, The Bad, and the Cuddly


Yep, I’m back. Wanna make something of it?

The Legends of Tomorrow wrap their third season with, “The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.” The name works both based on what happens in the episode and as a nod to the Western classic movie. Starting off just where last episode ended, Mallus is on the loose, stunning the team and even temporary ally of convenience Damian Darhk. The team tries with their Totems, fails to really do much, and collectively run away with Kid-Flash covering their retreat. Rip has a plan that will buy them time, although Gideon is very worried about the consequences.

Rip enacts his plan, which seems like it might be the end of an era on the show, and features several flashbacks to past moments in the show. The team drinks aboard the ship, with Ray even joining in. Needing time to regroup, they flee to the “temporal blind spot” of Salvation, North Dakota, where time travelers are usually blind and the team keeps running into DC’s most famous Old West character, Jonah Hex. Damian and Sara spar over her killing him, with the roles reversed for their usual histories. Ray comes up with a plan and an intrigued Damian joins him.

In 1874 North Dakota, newcomer Wally West takes a moment amid the drama to enjoy the Old West look, which works for the majority of them. In true unique fashion, Sara drinks her way to a plan, renewing her acquaintance with Hex. Sara barely manages to finish telling him they’re here to avoid trouble when the town gets an ultimatum delivered by several of the team’s recent foes. The team splits up as usual, with Ray and Damian embarking on their plan, Amaya trying something desperate, and Nate gets subjected to a running joke from an earlier episode. It’s a scene that’s both funny and interesting, and they do it well.

Zari and Hex have an interesting scene, and then the team gets called to the bridge. Amaya shares what she learned and points out several things to back up her idea. The slightly-incapacitated Nate makes a pop culture analogy that sort of works. Sara, as often happens to the poor captain, gets a headache. They attempt Amaya’s plan, and something unexpected and kind of unpleasant happens. This is enough to get Sara, who already doubted this approach, to storm off.

Ray and Damian go off on Ray’s secret mission. It violates several of the “rules” of the Legends’ time travel, but everything is so screwed up, it’s not going to matter at this point. As they do their part, with a bit of deja vu involved, the Legends get some surprising reinforcements as a few familiar faces turn up to fight against Mallus and his minions. We learn a bit about what’s happened to the characters who return to help the Legends.

After some buildup and explanations, the team gives things another go. Some of the group do battle with the attacking hordes, and most of the core group makes another try at what they need to do, with Nate sticking by his name for it. What happens is unexpected, a callback to earlier episodes, and really kind of fun to watch.

Things get wrapped up well, as the Legends tend to do in their finales. Various people go back to their homes, including a major cast member continuing the tradition of Legends losing people in their season endings. The team decides to take a vacation to celebrate. Of course, that doesn’t last long as they interrupted by a joke and then something more real as we get the set up for next season.

What I liked: I’m glad we’re done with Totem Quest and Mallus. It was a good ending to the long-running plot, and the team’s unique way of coming together at the end was a lot of fun. I think he goes overboard with it, but I like that Ray keeps being the heroic optimist, and he’ll stand up to his team and friends to do what’s right. Sara’s doubts made perfect sense, and I like how she was talked out of them. It was good to see some of the old friends. I liked the final scene.

What I didn’t: While it was good to see them, I’m not sure some of the allies they brought in really made sense. I’ll miss the ones we lost, both good and bad. Some of the ones I’d think they should have gotten hold of didn’t come.

It was a good finale, and I enjoyed it. Legends is getting enjoyably goofy, and that’s what they did here. I’ll give the season finale a high 3.5 out of 5. It’ll be fun to see what comes next for the group of misfits.

Next week, Supergirl reclaims her time slot now that the Legends are done with it.