iZombie: Blue Bloody


Serously, Liv, you have GOT to get off this brain right now.

One of the many things iZombie is great at is keeping me guessing. When I saw the “Blue Bloody” title, I was pretty sure it would have to do with Ravi’s brain serum that turns them blue and gives much longer lasting visions. Well I was wrong. Again. It has more to do with blue blood, as in the very wealthy, as we see from the opening. The murder victim is one of the most despicable people yet, and I can’t say I was terribly sad to see her go.

The death at first seems like it might be an accident, and Ravi isn’t at all impressed at being dragged out to the country club. After getting some information from a witness and a truly fascinating haul of stuff from the water hazard, they find what appears to be the murder weapon. Liv comes up with another creative way of getting the brains she needs and some insight into the case.

The Prophet, as Angus is calling himself now, gets his audience all riled up, and this is going to make things a lot more complicated for Chase’s attempt to keep the fragile peace in New Seattle, especially after a raid on a black market brain bazar. They show a scene of Clive and Dale’s complicated relationship, and Liv shows the effects of the current brain. This may be Liv at the least likable she’s ever been.

While Major shows his new recruits how to get geared up for patrol, Liv and Clive go the victim, Mrs. Brinks’, mansion. As Liv slides further into character, they get to meet the staff and see some of Brinks’ assets. Since Liv is acting so much older now, Clive makes a great crack about her being the star of Murder, She Wrote. Weird tech Vampire Steve shows up again to go to work on the safe they find.

Major and Liv have a weird night, and he asks about the current brain she’s on. The next morning is awkward with Ravi there, but it gives Liv another clue about the case when the visions kick in again. Clive makes a rare visit to Ravi, who apparenly has an office that’s not in the morgue now, for a very personal conversation. Liv, in her current horrid persona, drops by to talk about the new vision.

While the Prophet makes a weird public appearance, horrid-Liv annoys Clive as he finds out more about Brinks’ will. What they find out is confusing at best, and they bring the staff we met earlier in for interviews, not really helped by this Liv. A few of them have some decent motives to kill the old woman, but Clive doesn’t get any useful information. The only good news is that Vampire Steve has finally gotten into the safe, and all that does is take away another potential motive.

Out on the streets, Major and his new recruits run into some ugly complications on patrol. If this is indicative, Chase’s dream of New Seattle isn’t going to last. Liv and Clive solve the murder, but it leads to another very complicated moral situation. While they mull that over, Dale asks Clive out for lunch and they have an awkward talk about a few complications in their relationship.

They manage to solve the case, but that leads to a really murky moral choice. Liv finally becomes herself again, and feels horrible about what’s going on. Ravi, to his credit, with no hesitation, risks a lot to help her. They do what they can to make things right, and up encountering Major in an unexpected way. He sort of helps them, but is clearly not happy about it. We end up learning a lot about a hidden aspect of life in New Seattle. It’s something I hadn’t really thought about, but makes perfect sense. It also introduces some new characters I suspect we’ll see more of in the future.

The final few scenes both bode ill for things in different ways. Liv and Major have a big falling out over what he saw before. The tension between them seems to come out of nowhere, and it struck one of the few really false notes I can recall in the entire series. The Prophet gives another big talk about his vision for the future, and I don’t see it going well for anyone. There’s a lot of things he hasn’t thought through that are going to upset the precarious balance in what’s left of Seattle

What I Liked: As usual with this show, most of it. While I loathed Liv’s character this week, Rose McIver is amazing at portraying the different personas. The Prophet is going to be a lot of trouble, but he’s going to be interesting to watch. Ravi was great in this episode. He’s a really great guy which is easy to overlook when he’s downgraded to comic relief so much of the time. I really liked what they did with Dale this week. The group they met at the end is going to be a fascinating plot thread or several (not talking about them to avoid spoilers is why this review is shorter than usual).

What I Didn’t: The Liv/Major fight near the end just didn’t seem right. I kinda miss Blaine’s slimy presence.

All in all, another great episode. I’ll give this a solid 3.5 out of 5.