Legends of Tomorrow: Daddy Darhkest


Looks who’s on the Waverider,

Beginning their strange timesharing arrangement in Supergirl’s slot, the Legends of Tomorrow make their return from their long winter break. We got a hint when last we saw them about a special fan favorite guest star, and that gets follows up on this episode. For “Daddy Darhkest,” the Legends are joined by John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan (far better than when Keanu Reeves took the character in a forgettable movie).

For those not familiar with the character, Constantine is sort of like the private detective of questionable morals who gets by on connections and having things on powerful people. Take that concept, transfer it to the supernatural, and you’ve got a rough idea what he’s like. Constantine has been part of DC Comics and their Vertigo line for many years, and had a (sadly) short-lived live action series on NBC a few years ago. He is, in every incarnation, NOT a nice man. Effective, occasionally heroic, but not nice.

The episode begins with Constantine paying a call at an asylum to do an exorcism. That’s probably not part of their usual treatment, and almost undoubtedly not covered by insurance, but just another day at work for Constantine. Things don’t go to plan, also par for the course for the brash British warlock, but one of the things that disturbs him is the demon he’s contending with whispers a familiar name.

Since it was Sara’s name, this brings us back to Constantine aboard the Waverider, talking to Sara about what he heard. After some debate, most of the team agrees to help. Mick, thrilled to be in the right time for once, camps out in front of one of the monitors to watch a football game and largely checks out of the rest of the episode. After a bit of holo-flirting with Agent Sharpe of the Time Bureau, Sara goes along with the others.

The team gets further split when Kuasa shows up. Amaya stays behind to fight her, and then Nate ends up with Snart’s cold gun because… reasons, while Snart, Sara, and John move the possessed girl to someplace quieter to try and cast the demon out again. Nate succeeds in freezing Kuasa, which annoys Amaya, who is in the “let’s try and talk with the crazy people trying to kill us” phase of things, an affliction that randomly affects various CW heroes. Constantine, Sara, and Snart not only fail to cast the demon out again, but get hurled through time, just after learning from Zari, who stayed back on the ship also because of reasons, what the girl’s actual name is.

Nate and Amaya regroup with Ray, who is worried that Sara has dropped off coms. Mick, annoyed that his football viewing is being disturbed, barks out a series of orders that actually makes sense. Kuasa is put in literal cold storage after Nate made her a witch-cicle. Ray and Zari go back to the asylum and find the girl again, who seems more confused than malicious.

In the past, Snart tries to figure out a way to leave a message for the Legends they might find a few decades later. He gets captured by the asylum staff, and doesn’t help his case by telling them he’s both a time traveler and from an alternate Earth. Sara and John find time to show their mutual reputations about their sex lives are well earned before finding and saving Snart from an icepick lobotomy.

Amaya decides that setting Kuasa free in the ship without telling anyone is a great idea, so she does it. Ray and Zari sneak the young girl out for a field trip to Jitters, because everyone in Central City MUST go there. I think it’s a law. The girl sees something on the news that scares her, which sets Mallus loose and bad things happen. Nate tries to re-freeze Kuasa while she talks to Amaya, and that goes poorly.

Constantine sends Sara back to the weird grey world she visited before. While she’s there, she finds Nora and convinces her to calm down and take control of herself again, thus saving Ray (who brilliantly never once puts on his armor this episode) and Zari, as well as everyone else in Jitters. Then, they get a big surprise when the girl’s family shows up, and the Legends lose the custody fight. Sara returns and helps complete the ritual to take them back to the present, which makes this episode the first time the Legends have time-hopped via magic.

The wrap up is mostly departures. Zari shares that Mallus, at one point, called her one of “the Six,” which is a lead for what the team should do next. Constantine wanders off to his next adventure, after an ominous warning to Ray. Snart decides he’s had enough of this and goes back to his own world and his Ray, not the shrinking one. Amaya decides that Kuasa is ok for a murderous minion of Mallus, and lets her go. And Agent Sharpe calls back to tell them Rip Hunter is on the loose again.

What I liked: Any appearance by Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart is a welcome one, although rumor is this is his last outing as the character. I hope that’s not true. I’m similarly in favor of Matt Ryan as Constantine. The bit about The Six at least gives them a clue what to do now. Mick, whether he wants to be or not, has the potential to be a good leader. The Sara/Sharpe bit is amusing, but I think at this point Sara’s meta-power is finding gay/bi women. Speaking of, they finally remembered Sara is bi, not lesbian. Considering how few bi characters are on tv, that’s important.

What I didn’t: The usual inconsistencies with the team. Why leave some of them behind? Why did Snart give his signature (and only) weapon to Nate, who has powers of his own when he remembers to use them? Why does Ray keep leaving his costume/armor on the ship when we’ve seen he can shrink it and carry it with him? Why in the world does Amaya think it’s a good idea to put a powerful enemy back in play, especially just after she attacks a teammate?

It was, as most of them are, an inconsistent episode. But between Snart and Constantine both being on it, and several of Sara’s scenes, I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5. The Legends are losing members far too quickly. Hopefully, the rumored new hero will be joining up soon.