Punisher: Resupply


I shoulda gotten the bigger monitor…

The Punisher continues his first season as things progress for him, David AKA Micro, Madani, and her sidekick Sam. There’s a lot going on, and a side story with Louis and Curt as well. But Frank’s main focus is something important to any warrior: “Resupply,” as the title says.

The show actually starts with Louis, from Curt’s veteran’s group, doing a lot of digging. What we eventually see is that he’s dug a small bunker in his backyard, and then moves in. Clearly, he’s not doing as well as Curtis hoped. Then again, we did see him almost shoot his father last episode, so we know the young man’s having issues.

After the title sequence, Castle runs into a recurring character from the various Netflix series: Turk the gun dealer. Turk, who never has had any luck with any of the Netflix heroes, actually has some in this case. While Castle beats on him pretty badly and gets some leads about weapons he wants, Turk actually survives the experience, probably so Daredevil can beat him up again later. Castle doesn’t get everything he wants, but ends up with what I can only call a novelty gun.

Micro’s pining over his family via hidden cameras (I really wonder what Sarah is going to say if she ever finds out about this) is interrupted by Frank returning, not in the best of moods. They argue about Micro’s intel, resupply and logistics, and Frank snaps at him to find some guns. It’s fair enough; if Micro wants to make use of Frank’s skills, they’re going to need the right hardware.

Sam tries to brief Madani on an upcoming operation, and she’s clearly not paying attention. Sam’s exasperation gets cut short when Madani gets a visit from an old friend: Operations Director Hernandez. He drops by with advice, encouragement, some warnings, and hints of what might be coming her way. In turn, Madani shows that she’s stubborn and borderline obsessive, especially when he tells her the investigation into her former and recently-deceased boss is going to be taken away from her.

Castle and Micro’s odd relationship takes another weird turn as Castle lectures him through parable. We also see how vastly different their outlooks are on pretty much everything. Micro does get in a really different spin on an old saying, and then their discussion gets interrupted by a phone call. Sarah is calling Frank, which doesn’t sit well with Micro. In a nice real-world detail, her insurance company needs a statement from Frank about the damage to her car when they met. Micro then gets to spin one of Frank’s arguments back at him to make him help Sarah out.

Curtis pays a visit to Louis in his foxhole, and points out a few things that aren’t right about this, both obvious and not. Curtis clearly cares, and tries to talk Louis around, but Louis isn’t having it, and says something that’s just really disturbing and sad all at once. We see things are really not going well for Louis, and Curtis finally leaves, saving his reaction for when he’s alone.

Slightly against his will, Frank goes to see Sarah. Zack, her son, is acting up, which Micro also sees through his various hidden cameras. Sarah comments on Frank’s different look, and we get what I hope is the last joke about hipsters. Frank helps out around the house a little bit, and we see that Leo, the daughter, is quite handy in her own right. We also learn a bit more about Micro, and Frank manages to piss off Sarah. Micro isn’t happy about Frank being there, or what he’s heard.

At Russo’s company, ANVIL, the man himself is lecturing a new group of potential recruits, Louis among them. Russo not only makes a good pitch, he makes some great points about how the military treats its members once they leave. It’s a recurring theme they do well with this series: they talk about how poorly veterans are treated, not being preachy, but hitting some points really viscerally.

Micro hacks into the FBI and DHS, looking for more leads for Castle’s weapons. This segues into Sam briefing his team about the upcoming operation, going after Greek gun dealers. Madani goes from distracted to over-bearing, takes over the meeting, and pretty much shows Sam up. They talk a bit about her background, and Sam ends up leaving.

After a brief scene of Louis helping some of his fellow recruits at ANVIL, we’re back to Castle and Micro bickering. They go from the proper maintenance of musical instruments to what the Feds are up to. Castle doesn’t seem disturbed about going up against DHS, just saying they’ll need a ride.

The next scene is some bad guys going after a shady car dealer. Their night of robbery and murder gets interrupted when Castle comes calling. He and Micro argue over Castle’s methods, but they end up getting what they need after another ugly fight. Castle’s very, very good at what he does. They leave with new transportation and a confused crook in their wake.

Curtis talks to Russo about Louis. At first, Russo thinks Louis’ problems aren’t that bad, but after Curtis lets him in on what’s going on, and his very real concerns, Russo starts reconsidering. Louis gets really pissed off when Russo won’t take him, and I suspect that a later tragedy is being set in motion here.

The rest of the episode is an extended action sequence with a little bit of set up. Madani and Sam brief their teams, give very precise instructions, and get ready to see their plan pay off. Unfortunately, this is when Castle and Micro step in, and everything goes to hell. Micro does some clever distractions and communication blocking, and Castle does what he does best. This eventually turns into a long car chase, Castle facing off against Madani. That comes to a very unexpected end, and we see Castle’s code in action, as he does something he really doesn’t have to that is going to make his life a lot more complicated in the near future.

What I liked: As I said above, I like the stand they’re taking about how we need to do more for our veterans, because we so very much do. The Castle/Micro scenes are entertaining but also give us good insights into the characters. Even the seen in the garage does that. I liked learning more about Madani, too.

What I don’t: Sam only seems to exist as comic relief and/or exposition. I feel bad for him as things go on. Turk managing to survive his run-in with Castle I’m not sure I buy. I’m very worried about what’s going to happen with Louis.

This was another great episode. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5. The series continues to really impress me.