Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo, the God of War


No, Mick, I told you, we’re NOT on Vikings…

With the crossover finished, the Legends of Tomorrow get back to their usual business of trying to fix time. Personally, I’d like to see a side note at some point of them fixing some of the stuff Barry messed up with his time travel, but that’s me. Anyway, their other recurring issue this season is running into people that are somehow connected to them. This one opens on Christmas Eve, 1992, with a very harried father trying to get THE popular gift for the year. That wouldn’t be so interesting if wasn’t the younger version of Martin Stein. He uses some clever tricks to get the present, and then falls into an anachronism and ends up somewhen else. The toy gives us the title, “Beebo The War God.”

“Now,” for whatever that means in a time-ship, Leonard Snart, late of Earth X, is talking with Amaya, worried about the Legends are handling the death of Martin Stein. Snart sets up a really weird therapy thing for all of them, and the individual Legends have an entertaining range of reactions. I was amused at what was essentially their first casualty being the one doing the grief counseling.

Mercifully, this gets interrupted by a new anachronism, and Gideon rates it a 12, as 10, “didn’t do it justice.” The Vikings have now conquered North America, in this new, twisted, time line, calling it New Valhalla. Snart is worried the team isn’t ready to go back into action, and Sara tells him, “Kicking ass is how we heal.”

So, off they go to North America in 1000. In rapid succession, they find: the younger Stein, being held prisoner; a Beebo toy (kind of a blue, furry, Teddy Ruxspin) that’s changing history; and Leif Ericson’s sister, who I think looks a lot like Lagertha from Vikings. Jax doesn’t really handle seeing Stein again that well, possibly proving Snart’s point. The team manages to save Stein, but leaves Beebo behind.

Back on the ship, Sara tries to wrap her head around a toy being the source of this major change in history. Things are a bit awkward as the younger Stein asks some questions, and Jax has some issues with his return. Ignoring all this, Mick complains there’s something wrong with his beer, which is more important to him.

Jax is mad that Sara’s trying to keep him away from Stein, although I understand why she does. Nate comments, as so many of us have, that it’s weird they keep running into versions of themselves. The fact that he’s saying that makes me think they’ll address it in the back half of the season. While Jax struggles to listen to advice, Mick finds out what happened with his beer, and is really upset about it.

Ray, Nate, and Sara brainstorm ways to get Beebo back. Ray suggests dressing up like the gods, which the others promptly veto. Then Agent Sharpe calls, and the two men leave. Among the things in the call are: condolences for Stein’s death, worry over the major anachronism, and a clue about how messed up history is now as Sharpe mentions “Beebo-Day.” As a sign of how bad things are, Sara asks for her help, and Sharpe agrees.

That night, Sharpe and some of the team try and sneak in to the Viking encampment. Sharpe comments she wants to do this nice and peacefully, and Amaya responds there’s a first time for everything. While the Viking brother and sister argue, Sharpe picks on the team’s plan, and complains about the costumes they wear to blend in. Mick and Snart argue more about Mick’s drinking (not the time, guys) and Mick gets captured by Freydis, Leif’s sister.

In the Great Hall, most of the rest of the team is trying to blend in. Sharpe and Sara are playing drinking games with the Vikings, and doing really well. Mick gets dragged in, and Freydis tells them all Mick was trying to steal mead from Beebo’s offerings. Snart shakes his head at this news, and Freydis pushes for Mick to be burned alive (irony alert). Mick comments he finds Freydis hot, which Ray says is weird, but not surprising. Snart helps take care of the fire, and Sharpe tries to bluff the Vikings about Beebo’s judgement. Amaya tries to steal Beebo in the confusion, but presses his damn talk button, and chaos ensues.

Back on the ship, Zari and Jax game and talk about the situation with Stein. This is a dumb idea twice over. Zari is now one of their most powerful, and her nature powers would have been great for intimidating/impressing the Vikings. That to one side, they’re worried Jax is going to break some rules so they leave him with the woman who already did (for Helen)? Sure enough, she encourages him to warn the Professor.

A major fight breaks out in the Viking hall, which devolves to a weird game of keep away. Once again, for no apparent reason, the Legends with powers don’t use them, a recurring flaw of the show. Mick finally blasts Beebo with his heat gun, with an amusing line that echoes back to the start of the show. The Vikings are aghast at the destruction of their god, and everyone freezes. Sharpe tells the team they saved Odin Day, which still isn’t right, and before they can ask her what she meant, Damian Darhk shows up, posing as Odin. Ray correctly points out that was his idea, and it would’ve worked. I admit, I’m unclear why Damian is hurling lighting around as Odin, that’s more a Thor or even Zeus trick.

The team retreats to the ship, where they try and figure out what to do next, and Zari is impressed by the costumes. Sara is worried that Zari let Jax take Stein home. Sara and Sharpe agree they need help since the anachronism has gotten even worse. In Central City of 1992, Jax takes Stein home and tries to find a loophole to save his live in the future.

Mick and Snart argue about Mick’s drinking. Each compare the other to the men they knew on their own worlds, and it goes badly. Meanwhile, Director Bennett at the Time Bureau has nothing but bad news. He tells them about Darhk recruiting Grodd, Rip being imprisoned, and the Bureau not being able to risk anyone else. This leads to argument from Sara and Sharpe being ordered back home.

Sara calls the team together, tells them no help is coming, and they run through several versions of how things might go with various plans. None of them go well. Finally, the team mounts their assault and things get weird. Mick and Snart use an old trick of theirs to drop one of the more powerful foes, and Ray pulls off something clever with what’s left of Beebo. In the Darhks’ retreat, Sara briefly ends up in a weird limbo where she has an unpleasant chat with Mallus, the current boogeyman behind the scenes. Sharpe helps her snap out of it.

Back on the ship, Gideon says Sara is fine after her weird detour. Sharpe and Sara compare notes, and Sharpe, a bit reluctantly, returns to the Time Bureau. History is back on track, but all of it— including Stein’s death.

Jax goes back to ‘92 and argues with Stein. They have a heartfelt talk, and Stein convinces Jax to finally accept things and go back to the ship. There’s a celebration of sorts, and then the Legends have another loss as someone leaves the team. Sara is still dealing with the string of recent surprises and setbacks when she gets another one. Returning to the ship, Sara is greeted by a familiar face we haven’t seen in a while. The visitor comes with dire news, which is a fitting cliffhanger to end the first half of the season.

What I liked: I admit I prefer the original version of Snart, but this one is pretty funny. As always, Mick gets some great lines. It was nice seeing Sharpe work WITH the team for once. I was very excited by the guest shot in the final scene. Once again, we see that Rip might be an obsessive jerk, but he was right. Sharpe being their test case of history shifting with her various “Whatever Day”s.

What I didn’t: The show has a problem, which I comment on almost every episode, of not using their various powers for no real good reason. It’s like they are determined to do things the most difficult way possible. Darhk as a god made sense, but lightning throwing Odin, less so.

I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. It should be fun to see where they go next.