Supergirl: Damage


Ok, you’re both annoyingly rich. Can we move on?

Supergirl’s “Damage” episode starts off with a slightly new voiceover. After they get through that, the Girl of Steel and her sister do a nice job of taking care of an attempted escape from a prison transport bus. After they get sorted out, a glum Alex confirms for Supergirl that, “It’s happening tomorrow.” Considering no one on the show is having a good season emotionally speaking, that could mean several things.

The next day, Samantha and Ruby get to school, talking about Samantha’s weird hallucination. Their discussion and drop off get interrupted by one of Ruby’s friends suddenly having a major seizure and collapsing. Needless to say, this scares the hell out of everyone around.

At CatCo, James is talking to Lena about editorial approval. Their strange little power struggle is continuing, and it’s a subplot that, as far as I can see, has no real point to it. Kara comes in just in time to interrupt the potential fight by switching on the news. Morgan Edge, the newest corporate annoyance in this world (whatever happened to Max Lord, anyway?) is on tv spewing more hate and ill-will. Edge is telling everyone that kids are getting sick all over the city because of Lena’s lead bomb that chased off the Daxamites. I know people get all riled up when children are involved, but, even if this is true, it’d be better to be living under super-powered alien occupation?

To complete the bright and cheery nature of the episode, the “it” Alex was talking about is Maggie moving out. Apparently they have talked themselves around in circles, and there’s no way to resolve their impasse about kids. It’s a tense and sad scene that drives home this relationship is over. It’s like DC’s weird edict of a few years ago that “heroes aren’t allowed to be happy” has finally filtered over to the tv shows.

At the hospital, Samantha and Kara are commiserating over how awful all this is. Lena goes to confront Edge in his office. He’s at his smirking, annoying worst, telling her this strange story about the British Empire’s failed attempts to deal with snakes in India. They trade a few insults, but nothing gets resolved.

Back at CatCo, Lena returns and musters the troops to start gathering information, including a very worried Tess. Samantha and Kara offer encouragement, and James comes in. When Lena snaps at him, asking if there’s more anti-Luthor comments coming, he clarifies he doesn’t see her as an extension of her brother, but thinks she should step down from CatCo for appearances’ sake during this crisis. Samantha and Kara sound offended, but Lena agrees. I think that’s the first time Lena and James Olsen have agreed on anything. Samantha is now officially running L Corp (wasn’t she already?) and James is in charge of CatCo. Again. As they go through all this, an enraged parent comes in to demand justice and threaten Lena.

In the midst of some big anti-Lena protests, she tries to hold a press conference. Amid chants of “Lock her up!” (that sounds familiar) Lena tries to address the crowd. Her speech, which is pretty decent, gets interrupted when an outraged parent starts shooting. James shoves Lena out of the way, although he gets hit in the process. Too bad he’s never wearing his Guardian armor anymore.

Olsen is taken to the DEO to get his wound treated because… well, they never explain that one. Winn is glad he’s ok. Olsen makes a few good points about the device of Lena’s that everyone’s up in arms about. Winn tests it and gets some different results than back during the Daxamite invasion, which suggests someone’s been tampering with something along the line.

Samantha, going above and beyond for an employee, is letting Lena crash at her place during all the chaos. Weirdly, despite how big we’ve seen the house is, Lena is staying on the couch. I guess they don’t have a guest room? Ruby helpfully makes up the couch for her.

Maggie’s packing takes an interesting and maudlin turn as they go through their respective things. As that goes on, Kara goes to visit Lena at Samantha’s. Lena is very drunk, and blames herself for everything. She bemoans that all she ever wanted to do is something good, despite her family name. Kara is very understandably worried about her friend.

Samantha finally comes home, and she and Kara compare notes. They’re both worried about Lena and they both think there’s something more than meets the eye going on here. The two of them play detective, and finally find a common link among all the sick kids. As this happens, Alex and Maggie have yet another “We can’t be together” moment. We get it. It’s sad. I don’t like that the writers are doing this, but if they’re going to, can we get it over with already?

Samantha and Kara follow up on a lead that takes them to a public pool. With some sneaky help from Kara’s powers (Samantha remains one of the few who don’t know who Kara is) and some remote assistance from Winn, they figure out what made all the kids sick. They call Lena, who is very fuzzy when she answers, and ask her about the Acre Lee company, which seems to be behind the poisoning.

Lena takes off to confront Edge again (I hope she didn’t drive there) and he makes a joke about Acre Lee being where the Coyote gets all his stuff to kill the Road Runner. Lena knows the company is one of his. She gets persistent, but her righteous fury doesn’t really help when one of Edge’s thugs knocks her out from behind. Lena wakes up strapped in to a big cargo plane, in a remote deathtrap that probably qualifies Edge for official supervillain. He even smirks as he watches her on camera.

Lena gets a short Mayday call out before Edge jams it. But it’s enough for the DEO to intercept and figure out what’s going on. So, with a big plane headed to poison the city’s reservoir, it’s Supergirl to the rescue. Once again, J’Onn stays behind for no real reason aside from “It’s her show.” Supergirl manages to get there, but the plane is damaged in her attempt to save Lena. Lena urges Supergirl to drop her to handle the plane. Gee, if only Supergirl had an ally who had both super-strength and flight. Supergirl manages to save Lena and part of the plane. Edge cuts his losses and runs away. Supergirl later goes to confront Edge in his office, but nothing at all comes of it aside from more smirks from Edge. He’s getting really tiresome really quickly.

Olsen and Lena have something of a makeup scene, hopefully ending their pointless feud. They go a first name basis, and he tells her she can call him Jimmy, despite his making a big point about not liking being called that anymore first season. Did he forget? Maggie and Alex finally finish splitting up, with a final sad shot of their rings on the table.

Lena, Samantha, and Kara have a sort of three musketeers moment as they all congratulate each other on working together during the crisis. L Corp has come up with an antidote to the Acre Lee poison, so Edge’s plan seriously backfires. Lena apologizes for being a sad drunk earlier. Speaking of that, Alex is at the Nameless Alien Bar. Kara finds her, calls J’Onn, and tells him they’re taking a few days off.

The episode ends with Samantha tucking Ruby in for the night. Ruby points out a hole in Samantha’s shirt, which she is surprised about. When she goes downstairs, Samantha finds a corresponding hole in her jacket, and then a flattened bullet falls out of her clothes. Clearly, there’s something to this whole idea that Samantha has powers.

What I liked: The teamwork among the characters was good. Lena’s sense of responsibility makes sense. I’m hoping this is the end of the pointless Lena/James strife. The plan was worthy of a supervillain, I’ll give them that. I’m glad they told us that Maggie and Alex had at least tried to talk things out, and equally glad we didn’t have to see it. Adrian Pasdar played the annoying Morgan Edge well, and moved into the growing club of actors that have done live action work for both Marvel and DC.

What I didn’t: Why is J’Onn essentially in retirement? He’s one of DC’s most powerful heroes, and there have been several times, tonight included, they could have used his powers. This makes no sense at all and needs to be covered. They really dragged out Alex and Maggie’s parting, and it started to feel like they were trying to pad the episode. What happened with James’ sudden about face on his name? Like Flash fights speedsters on his show all the time, is Supergirl stuck in corporate bad guy mode (Max Lord, Lillian Luthor, now Morgan Edge)?

This was a really uneven episode, and I’d say the negatives outweighed the positives. I’ll go down to a 2.5 out of 5 for this one.