Inhumans: The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon


Hon, this roadtrip sucks. Can we just go home now?

The Inhumans meander along through their season with, “The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon.” I hate to say it, but I haven’t been really impressed with their show, as much as I like the comic book versions of the characters. And, of the weak season, this might be my least favorite episode so far.

The episode opens with Maximus showing he’s apparently not as ok with seizing his brother’s throne as he’d like everyone (including himself) to think. After that bit of oddness, we’re back at the barn where annoying vet Audrey is telling Crystal and Dave to let Lockjaw get more rest. Despite Lockjaw’s clearly far from normal appearance, Audrey still isn’t buying Crystal’s story about her fellow Inhumans. Audrey makes a vague reference to what might be the Sokovia Accords, which would be the first thing tying this show to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Crystal dissuades Audrey from taking her picture fairly definitively. After running Audrey off, Crystal and Dave devise a plan to try and signal her family, which has several flaws that I can see.

Meanwhile, Black Bolt and company are trying to figure out how to find their wayward cousin Crystal. The only other Royal unaccounted for is Triton, who I guess everyone has given up for dead now, even though the aquatic one fell into the ocean and no body was found. Maybe he’ll turn up in the last episode. Black Bolt and Medusa have a side discussion about how to handle Maximus. The assorted plans gets interrupted when Auran calls on Flora’s comm, and says she’s holding Declan and Sammy prisoner. After spending so much time trying to find each other, the group splits up again, with Karnak and Gorgon going after Auran and company, while Black Bolt, Medusa, and Louise (one of those names is not like the other) go in search of the wayward Crystal.

Back in Attilan, Maximus is preaching to his newest band of conscripts. He’s doing a great job of spreading bad propaganda about Black Bolt, although he’s being inconsistent. Earlier, he claimed the king fled, now he’s saying he’s going to come back and restore the caste system. Sadly, none of the Inhumans seem to notice this inconsistency, which makes me think the writers missed it. Tibor wonders about the wisdom of this course, and Maximus reveals how cold some of his plotting is. The group is sent to Earth and promptly snapped at by Auran, who is getting less and less likable as time passes. After hearing all this, Tibor meets with the resistance again.

Louise, chauffeur to Inhuman Royalty, finds a few problems with the route she was following to home in on Crystal’s teleportation signal. As she tries to find a way around this obstruction, Medusa tries to persuade Black Bolt to be careful in how he deals with Maximus. It’s telling that, even with no way back to Attilan at the moment, Medusa is that confident they’re going to win.

Maximus is scheming up on the moon, and reacts badly to some news from Tibor. He’s starting to live up to his comic book handle, “Maximus the Mad.” Maximus also gets a flashback to his fight training with Karnak and Gorgon. I’ll say that, based on this, Maximus’ betrayal shouldn’t come as a total shock. As this goes on, Auran plans to attack the Royals when they show up, and gets some disturbing news from Declan.

Crystal and Dave enact their plan to signal the family. I have to say, this is not an ability of Crystal’s I’ve ever seen before, and it’s sort of outside the usual description of her powers. Louise asks her passengers why they live on the far side of the moon, and learns about the Inhumnas’ history with humans. It’s not good. During this exchange, Black Bolt notices Crystal’s signal and figures out what’s going on.

Maximus talks with his pet prophet and pushes him for information about whether or not he can trust Tibor. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in that kid’s shoes. As this goes on, Gorgon and Karnak (who have either made great time to the lab or they never got that far earlier) plan their attack on Auran’s forces. Karnak runs a bluff to hold Auran’s attention, and Gorgon stealths around picking off the recruits. How someone with hooves (when they remember to CGI them in, which they don’t always) is sneaking around, I’m not sure. Eventually, Gorgon fights Auran, and once again seems to forget about his powers, and they free Sammy and Declan. There are a few surprising revelations when Gorgon and Karnak talk with Declan.

Crystal and Dave have a chat that starts getting… interesting… just about when elder sister Medusa and company show up. There’s another joyous reunion, and introductions are made. Louise uses the example of Dave helping Crystal to show that not all humans are bad. They plan to go to the barn, collect Lockjaw, and get back home and confront the usurper king.

Things are going well for Gorgon and Karnak back at the lab. They even capture and tie up Auran, who continues taunting them. Things go badly when Mortis panics, and there’s a really pointless death that doesn’t really make a lot of sense. This is the major point that has me disliking this episode.

Back at the barn, our heroes find Lockjaw, and things are looking up. Then the police arrive, led by the ever-annoying Audrey. Louise comes up with a brilliant way to handle the situation, which is probably the highpoint of the episode, making the previous scene an even dumber contrast.

At the lab, there’s a lot less-joyful reunion as they learn of their loss. Everyone else who was at the lab: Declan, Auran, Sammy, the other recruits, are not shown or mentioned in this scene, leaving their fates unknown. While this both saddens them and stiffens their collective resolve, Maximus’ paranoia and general instability starts coming to the fore.

What I liked: Louise was brilliant in this episode. A made-up addition to the Inhumans and arguably a token scientist/human, she’s just about my favorite character on the show, and that’s with me being a long-time fan of the Inhumans. Medusa’s confidence in Black Bolt and her concern for him comes across well and is touching. Maximus’ slide into insanity is believable.

What I didn’t: The death was pointless and poorly executed. Crystal’s new power was an odd and random addition. The utter lack of regard for everyone else at the lab was just weird, even taking grief into account. The Inhumans have been around since the 60’s with a few additions to their ranks (most notably Quicksilver during his marriage to Crystal) but no losses of the Royal Family. Now we’ve had two in an abbreviated season. Why?

I’m giving this a 2 out of 5 and that might be a bit generous. I’m going to be really surprised if this gets renewed.