Flash: Luck Be A Lady


He’s baaaack!

Last episode, lurking bad guy The Thinker hinted there were more new metas for Team Flash to deal with. That’s a big part of this episode, as the team faces a new version of a minor DC Comics character. Flash and his friends have to deal with some unlikely events in “Luck Be A Lady.” We also see the return of an old friend and a few surprising developments.

The episode opens with Thinker observing Becky Sharpe, a casino dealer with some truly amazing bad luck. We see her stumble through a series of misfortunes and, from her reactions, this isn’t all that unusual for her. Then we see her on a bus with the guy we’ve already seen as Kilg%re and there’s a wave of energy and light. I guess we have our new version of the original Particle Accelerator accident.

Team Flash is taking some time off and playing some version of laser tag. Barry and Cisco prove to be inept, but Caitlin manages to last longer. After the game, they meet Joe, Iris, and Cecile for a dinner of sorts. Social time is interrupted when they get a breech alarm. I’m a bit surprised they respond so anxiously, considering the last time one sounded in the Core, it turned out to by Gypsy coming for her date with Cisco. I get it if breeches are opening other places. At any rate, Wally is expecting Jesse, who’s off as Jesse Quick, protecting another Earth. Instead, it’s Harry, who comes bearing a new custom from his Earth we didn’t know about, and some unwelcome news for Wally. After some socially awkward moments, the tension is broken by a different alarm: bank robbery. Even as they get set to deal with that, Caitlin glares at Harry and says they’re not done.

We see Becky in action, also looking a lot better than she did earlier. She robs a bank by causing a series of amazingly unlikely things to happen around her. Flash gets there in time, but similar bad luck befalls him. It’s actually somewhat cartoonish, as he describes it later. The team researches Miss Sharpe, and finds some truly amazing bad luck as a recurring theme in her life. With the whole episode revolving around luck, Harry digs in his heels and comments he doesn’t believe in luck. Cisco apparently didn’t de-tech Barry’s suit completely, and the scanners in it detected dark matter traces on Becky. Personally, I think they should have kept most of those upgrades. The blasters, for all the Iron Man-like quality, solved one of Flash’s on-going issues: not having ranged attacks of any kind. Cisco and Harry bicker while Iris rushes out to pick up a delivery, leaving behind a bemused Barry.

Joe gets some bad news at home, and Cecile’s enthusiasm for a new project dims. Iris and Barry have some low comedy over her wedding dress, and we see how far they are from actually being ready for this wedding. As all this goes on, Thinker studies Becky from a distance, seemingly intrigued with her powers.

Cisco and Harry are out walking around, trying to track down the source of the dark matter. They argue about the idea of luck and how to use the scanner, among other things. Barry joins them just in time for them to trace the energy to… a street. While the others puzzle over what could have happened here, Barry has a sudden realization. This is where he came out of the Speed Force. Cue the cumulative “Uh oh…” This leads to a fair amount of arguing, especially from Harry.

Joe gets a call and makes a request for the first time: asking Barry to speed him home. Things at the house have deteriorated badly, and they wonder if Becky’s bad luck field, which spreads the more good luck she has, is behind it. Joe and Cecile debate what they’re going to do next, and Barry gets called away. Becky has ended up at Jitters, this show’s version of The Only Restaurant In Town (TM).

Barry goes there and tries to talk to her. It says a lot about Barry that he tries to reason with the bad guys when he can, instead of just resorting to fists and powers. Unfortunately, Becky isn’t really in the mood to listen to reason. She gets away as numerous dangerous jinx-type effects start building up around them as Becky gets more upset.

The team debates what to do, and Cisco dubs her Hazard. This is the comics character she’s based on. In the pages of DC Comics, Hazard is a minor villain, granddaughter of the Golden Age’s Gambler, a JSA foe (not the Kenny Rogers song). The outfit Becky was wearing as a casino worker is actually a pretty good approximation of her comic costume. As the bad luck gets worse, Iris does something amazingly desperate, and fairly insensitive, trying to hurry their wedding along. It’s mostly played for comedy, but it really makes me wonder if Iris is heading for a breakdown. Then again, I’ve been accused of not liking the character, so maybe it’s just me.

Harry and Cisco talk, and they manage to bond among the bickering. We learn why Harry is back on “Earth 1,” as they’re calling it. Alarms go off as Becky’s luck field suddenly gets worse when she gets on a hot streak at the casino she used to work for. Catastrophe rages all over town, including a pretty good approximation of a famous pilot. The chaos extends to the West house and some pretty serious things at STAR Labs. It also prevents Flash from just getting to her and slapping on the power-damping cuffs. Eventually, in part due to a hunch from Harry, they manage to overload her powers for a moment, long enough for Barry to shut things down.

Harry and Cisco have a sort-of apology session, and it’s decided Harry will stick around for a while. Sure, what’s a season of Flash without some version of Wells? Becky is safely contained at Iron Heights, and the team works out there are 12 new metas, with only 2 accounted for. They have at least some leads to pursue now. And they come to a sobering realization about at least some of what’s been going on. At the end of all this, Wally comes to a momentous decision. The Thinker shows he has better intel sources than we knew, and Cecile tells Joe something that freezes him more thoroughly than even Captain Cold’s gun would.

What I liked: I enjoy that the writers are mining the DC archives for obscure characters, and even keeping them pretty close to their comic book incarnations. Becky was an entertaining bad guy. I’m really curious to see what the Thinker’s game is. I don’t blame Wally for his decision at all. It’s good to see Harry back. I like how they tied Barry coming back to what’s going on. That was clever.

What I didn’t: Cecile was a talented, dynamic attorney, and I don’t think we’ve seen her at work since she and Joe started dating. That’s getting old. I don’t like how things were handled about Jesse. Caitlin is one of my favorite characters, and she had a minimal part this week. Why was Vibe out on the streets as a hero while Barry was missing, and hasn’t been in costume ever since?

It was a pretty good episode. Between the version of Hazard and the dramatic turns, I think they did really well here. I’ll give this one a low 4 out of 5. I’m cautiously looking forward to a character I’ve always enjoyed being on next week’s show.