Inhumans: Divide… And Conquer


Sure, Maximus, I’m TOTALLY on your side *eye roll*

They’re doing some very odd titles for the episodes of The Inhumans. My best guest is they are trying to emulate the dramatic style of a lot of the issue titles/cover hype from back in the 60’s, when The Inhumans first appeared. This week’s episode is entitled, “Divide… And Conquer.” It doesn’t make a lot of sense as a title to me, since all the good guys have already been divided in the first two episodes, and no one gets conquered this episode, aside from a few nameless extras in some combat scenes.

They also don’t seem real big on using character names. Two of the characters that play a part in this episode I only found names for by checking IMBD, which is a bit odd. Maybe the actors for those two need better agents, to make sure the audience knows who they are playing

One new character that we do get a name for is Dr. Evan Declan, who opens the show. As he’s going towards his helicopter, an aide scurries out with a tablet in hand, showing the doctor footage of Black Bolt’s incident with the police over in Hawaii. Declan not only decides he needs to go to Hawaii immediately, but he knows the term “Inhuman” and manages to get hold of an inmate in the jail where Black Bolt is. The inmate is a very large native named Sammy (one of the ones I had to look up) and he listens to Declan’s offer with some interest. As all this goes on, Black Bolt flashes back to his childhood, when we see Bolt was never really that interested in being king, but Maximus definitely was.

The police captain dealing with all the complications of Black Bolt’s incident has a press conference where he proves adept at not answering questions. The scientist who got herself in trouble by calling Gorgon’s hoof exactly that on the imagery from the Lunar Rover, who is apparently named Louise (thanks again, IMDB) then peppers him with questions. After walking away from her, the captain then decides the best way to proceed is to put Black Bolt in general population “to see if he gets rattled.” They are very much playing up law enforcement and corrections officers as evil, bullying thugs so far on this show, which is getting to be a really tired stereotype.

After Medusa shows her lack of familiarity with ATMs, Gorgon and his surfer militia get some time. Apparently, Gorgon has found a group of military veterans who kept an impressive arsenal when they left the service. Gorgon warns them that the people coming after him aren’t like anything they’ve fought before. In turn, they wonder if he’s going to be able to fight his own people when they come for him. He very colorfully says it won’t be a problem.

Maximus has a scene with Crystal that makes him seem even slimier than usual as he tries to talk her around to his side. Then he comms Auron and tells her he’s sending some help she’s not sure she wants: a powerful Inhuman called Mortis. Mortis, we see, is kept in an isolation chamber and isn’t terribly impressed with Maximus when the usurper lets him out.

Karnak gets captured by a group of pot farmers, showing how far he has fallen with his abilities on the blink. Auron leads her troops into the jungle in search of Gorgon. One of them, Flora, apparently has plant powers, but she’s too ditzy to think of using them to clear them a path until Mortis suggests it. Clearly, Maximus has the best and brightest working for him.

Medusa makes a raid at a gated estate she manages to sneak into. I’ll buy she can get into the house, as a lot of places in tropical climates have an open floor plan. I’m a lot less sure about her finding clothes that fit, stealing a lot of canned food with no can opener, and then hiring a taxi when she sees Black Bolt in the newspaper.

Sammy, the big native prisoner, manages to communicate better with Black Bolt than all the allegedly trained professionals in the police and jail. Sammy reveals he shares something with Black Bolt, and that people like Inhumans have been disappearing. I wonder if that’s SHIELD, the Watchdogs, or if there’s a new player. Maybe this Dr. Declan from the opening?

Auran’s forces and Gorgon’s surfer militia have their clash, with losses on both sides. Gorgon and Auran fight, and they are roughly evenly matched until Gorgon remembers he has powers part way through the fight. Then Mortis shows up and Gorgon… I won’t say he panics, but he very energetically tells his side to retreat. Mortis’ ability is a vastly powerful energy blast that reminds me a bit of Cyclops’ optic blast.

Karnak comes to an arrangement with his captors after his power fails him again. He seems to be deep in self-pity land, which I hope he snaps out of soon. Louise gets threatened by the police captain in the parking lot as Black Bolt gets pulled out of Sammy’s cell, where they’ve been playing chess, and brought to the yard. The guards are hoping for Black Bolt to get a beating, but things don’t exactly go as anticipated. I have to say there were amazingly stupid here, which fits with how they’re being portrayed, and makes me really question their employment standards.

Maximus isn’t that bright either, or at least not good at reading people. He produces Crystal, confident that she’s going to support him after their little talk. Instead, she says he is the king of no one, uses her powers on the guards’ weapons, and flees. Maximus tries to say this is how the Royals all act, running away from their responsibilities. Crystal makes it to Lockjaw, wakes him up, and they get to Hawaii. During this, Maximus gets a flashback of the day he learned the Terrigen made him human, and that as such, he could never be king.

Amid more flashbacks of Black Bolt’s childhood, he and Sammy manage to escape. How they got into the garage area is unclear, but from there they made a power-assisted escape. In tragic/comic timing, Sammy and Black Bolt make it to the yard as Declan lands his helicopter to get them out… and Medusa arrives about 20 seconds too late to meet up with her husband. Louise witnesses all this, and Medusa carjacks her. Presumably, Medusa stole the pistol from the house she raided. Rounding out the transportation issues, Lockjaw and Crystal arrive and have an accident of their own to end the episode.

What I liked: Anson Mount is continuing to impress me with his acting, moreso since he can’t talk. I liked Crystal’s escape from Attilan. I’m not sure what to make of Louise or Sammy yet. Gorgon’s surfer militia is amusing, but goofy.

What I didn’t: Karnak’s pity party is going to get old quickly. Gorgon seems to be going from overconfident to “RUN AWAY” really quickly. Has everyone forgotten Triton is still missing, or have they just given him up for dead? I don’t like the police and guards being bullies and thugs with no redeeming qualities. I’m really not sure about Medusa’s house raid and all the convenient coincidences that happened during it.

I’ll give this a low 3 out of 5. It’s mostly not lower because of Black Bolt/Anson Mount. I really hope they start linking up again soon.