iZombie: Conspiracy Weary


Knock, knock, KNOCK!

Usually, iZombie doesn’t pick off where they left off, leaving some space between their cases. That’s not the case with “Conspiracy Weary,” as events with Harley Johns and his band of conspiracy theorists (who actually happen to be more or less right in spite of themselves) rush ahead. Harley and Ravi have a talk which either implies some un-guessed at depths for Harley, or he’s a better liar than I thought. Things are looking bad for Ravi and that cockroach of the zombie world, Don E, but the unlikely rescue squad of Blaine and Liv burst in with a clever attack plan. A few of the idiots try and get away, and end up recreating the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with some Fillmore-Graves troops. Rachel the photographer manages to scurry away after seeing Liv, and Johns himself eludes the forces arrayed against him.

In the aftermath, Blaine meets Chase Graves and discusses a business proposition. Liv, Blaine, Don E, and one of the troops from Fillmore share some brains from the downed anti-zombie nuts. Apparently, one of Fillmore’s troops caught the live-stream about Don E’s captivity, which really makes me wonder about his viewing habits. The brain eating is a weird kind of bonding that sends Ravi off to wait in the car.

Ravi, very much the worse for wear, gets home finally. He and Major trade barbs over Ravi’s “London trip” and Major’s sex fort. Major is really into Shauna, and gives Ravi a bit more information than he likely needs. Rachel shows up, worried about Ravi. When she realizes Ravi lives with Major, the Chaos Killer, she leaves as fast as she got there, leaving Ravi and Major both a bit unsettled. Later, Shauna and Major are in bed and she’s determined to get Major to make some changes.

Peyton wakes up to find Live by her bed, well in the throes of conspiracy nut brain (hence the title of the episode). After Peyton gets over being startled, they talk about the strange things they’ve learned about the dead prison guard and his daughter. Peyton is both smart and experienced enough to realize that Liv’s recounting is colored by her having eating Bo Johns’ brain.

Much to his credit, Clive is really sorry that Ravi was in danger during his undercover stint with Johns’ crew. Liv comes in acting paranoid, and Clive eventually calls her out on it. Aside from crazy theories, she has Johns’ guns, which Clive will get tested off the books. Clive comes up with the idea of taking Liv to Johns’ firing range to trigger a vision, and Clive makes a suggestion everyone is going to regret immediately.

There are a few scenes that jump around a lot. Liv and Clive go get backup, of a sort. Peyton makes progress with Weckler’s effects, and is keeping it to herself. And Fillmore-Graves gets some information that may steer them towards the fugitive Johns.

Peyton gets a scene to shine in her own right finally. She handles Tatum Weckler, daughter of their dead killer, brilliantly, bargaining her way along for Tatum opening her father’s safety deposit box. Peyton can be a bit ruthless, which I liked. Finally, our daring attorney has the memory card she’s been chasing for several episodes. She also finds out something interesting about Tatum.

Clive has a rough afternoon as Liv, Blaine, and Don E bat ever-more insane theories back and forth while hoping for a vision. Finally, they all get one at the same time, which was a bit odd. I’m not sure why it worked that way. I am enjoying the recent change of us seeing those things from Clive’s perspective. Liv doesn’t find Johns, but does get a warning that shows Harley Johns is more clever than he seems. She relays it to Major, Justin, and the Fillmore-Graves strike team. There are some fatalities, sadly.

Ravi has been driven out of his and Major’s place by Shauna’s… exuberance. He gets woken up by Liv crouching next to him (a running theme this episode) and she tells him about the Graves raid. She also gets paranoid about Shauna and launches her own investigation. She does actually find something a bit disturbing and tells Major, who is not happy on many levels.

Ravi gets a scene with Rachel, who is having trouble processing everything she’s learned recently. Ravi at least manages to prove he’s not a zombie to her. Meanwhile, Clive’s side investigation gets dealt a setback.

Major and Shauna have an unpleasant scene that doesn’t go well for either of them. The Fillmore-Graves troops have a wake for their recent losses. In the midst of this, Major gets even more bad news. That guy can’t catch a break. Liv and Peyton catch up and realize their own investigation may go some places they probably wish it didn’t. Things are getting really complicated for everybody, which is only appropriate as the season finale isn’t that far off.

There’s a scene that bodes ill for everyone, which we’ll see more about later on. Then, Clive’s detective work comes through again, and he and Liv finally track down Harley. Things turn ugly and they get several surprises, one of which really shakes Clive up. The episode ends with Ravi getting some shocking news as he walks down the street.

What I liked: The banter is always fun on this show. It’s one of my favorite parts. There are a lot of wheels within wheels turning here, and it’s not going well for any of our heroes. Clive’s skill is at least as important as Liv’s visions, maybe more. I think it speaks really well of Ravi that none of this is his fight, but he’s still risking his life to help the others. I loved Peyton’s handling of Tatum.

What I didn’t: I’m not sure why the Blaine/Don E/Liv combo all had the same vision at the same time. Maybe I just don’t get how it works. I have a lot of questions about what happened with Harley at the end, and what Liv found out about the zombie family murder. And seriously, how many normal humans are left in Seattle at this point? They’re a dying breed.

This was a fun episode and a good ramp up toward the finale. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5.