Iron Fist: Black Tiger Steals Heart


Danny gets some help


Events get interesting as they start coming towards the end of Iron Fist’s first season. “Black Tiger Steals Heart” has a lot of surprises and revelations. Danny hasn’t been the most likable character through a lot of this season, but by the end of this, I do feel a bit sorry for him. And there’s a lot of action, which is what most people watch this kind of show for.

Last episode, we saw Danny getting carried off by Bakuto after unlocking the healing aspect of his powers. Now, he wakes up in a nice room with Colleen. Not a bad way to start the day. They have a very nice little reunion, which is about the only peace Danny gets this entire episode.

Joy is still trying to come to grips with Harold’s resurrection. I don’t blame her for being rattled. They talk a lot about Harold’s illness and his kids caring for him. Joy also understands a lot more about why Ward is the way he is. Even in the midst of this shock, she’s thinking about her brother. A lot of what Harold says to her sounds like what he said to Ward earlier. To me, it sounds like a rehearsed story. He also offers some odd insight on what his death was like.

Colleen and Danny walk through Bakuto’s compound. It definitely seems like one of those too good to be true places. Then again, how many forces for good live in compounds? Colleen talks about how much this place means to her, and Bakuto offers another lesson to Danny how his Iron Fist power works. Danny presses Bakuto for some hard answers and gets a lot of polite evasions. Even as naive as Danny is, he sees enough to make him realize there’s something off here. In Bakuto’s office, he shows Danny an interesting bit of archived movie footage from China. He makes his pitch to Danny for the Iron Fist to join him to stop, “the Gaos of the world.” Among the inducements offered is that Bakuto seems to know a lot more about Iron Fists in general than Danny does.

Harold and Joy keep talking about his return. While he fusses with drinks, Joy calls Danny. They both share various surprising bits of news, like Harold being alive. Danny’s also surprised to know how much Harold has told Joy. Harold is very curious about what happened to Gao, and who Bakuto is. Joy is confused by most of these exchanges, and a few minutes later, turns down Harold’s offer of day drinking. She also sees a hint of what happened to poor Kyle.

In Bakuto’s office, we get the confirmation (not that it was needed) that he’s not exactly one of the good guys. Bakuto is doing all sorts of surveillance and is very well informed about more than just the history of the Iron Fist. Bakuto is also keeping secrets from Danny, and taking Colleen along for the ride.

Danny wanders around the compound, and runs across Daryl and a few other students. Daryl can’t, or won’t, answer Danny’s questions, but he’s eager to prove he’s a cocky idiot. We get one of the stereotypical martial arts scenes of student trying to hit master and master evading without trying. Danny does find out about a curfew for the students and a few off-limits areas. He takes advantage of this to later find out where Gao is and sneak in for another round of dodge the question. Bakuto walks in during this and takes Danny away, also showing his evasion skills.

Bakuto leaves Danny with Colleen, apparently expecting her to seal the deal or at least distract the young warrior. Colleen cautiously tests the waters, and gets worried when she finds out that Danny both knows Gao is there and has spoken with her. Colleen tries to argue her point of view about Bakuto’s group, but Danny isn’t buying. He learned something very troubling from Gao that Colleen has confirmed, and it’s not going to help their relationship. This quickly escalates to their first lovers’ spat, which ends with a sad Colleen and a dramatically storming off Danny.

Harold gets a surprise dinner guest who tells him nothing he wants to hear. Even crazy apparently immortal people aren’t coming off well in this mess. But, the guest does offer him a carrot he very much wants.

Danny slips out of his room and sneaks around in the compound. He finds a way into a building which has a very odd combination communications center/dojo. Danny, upon seeing how much they’re spying on people, starts smashing the place up. Either the destruction attracts Bakuto’s attention or he’s been watching Danny, but either way he shows up. After some smug talk from Bakuto, they have the inevitable fight. Bakuto might be a know it all, but Danny manages to teach him a lesson anyway. Danny gets away and runs into an unexpected ally from his past.

Harold goes to pay a call on Lawrence at Rand International. I’ve never liked Lawrence, so I’ll admit this is a satisfying scene as far as I’m concerned. Harold lays out a very insane plan that Lawrence doesn’t agree to, and Harold does what he feels he needs to. Ruthless is a good word for Harold.

Danny and friend fight their way out of the compound. The initial plan fails horribly, and there’s a lot more fighting. Finally, with some unexpected help, they manage to get out. Bakuto walks among the wounded later, and gives another few cryptic comments about Danny’s future. I’m really hoping Bakuto doesn’t come back after this season. He’s annoying.

We almost made it an episode without a business meeting, but I guess we can’t quite do that. Joy goes back to Rand and sits in as they discuss what to do next in the aftermath of Harold’s visit. Joy seems to have taken control, and I’m not quite sure why. The entire board at this point seems to be lemmings who just go along with whoever talked last. They really aren’t remotely impressive. After this, Joy goes to a follow up meeting with Harold.

After the chaos of the escape, Danny and his friend are wandering through the streets. They argue about what Danny is supposed to do next. Danny is torn between two different sets of responsibilities. The episode ends with Danny trying to decide what to do and a Rand billboard looking down on them.

What I liked: There was a lot of action, and the fight scenes were really well done. I’m glad that Danny wised up about Bakuto’s place quickly. Joy is finally mostly out of the dark about what’s going on. We got to go a whole episode with no Ward, which I applaud.

What I didn’t: I don’t get why there were weapons in their computer center. I’m not wild about what Bakuto apparently did to Danny. I wasn’t expecting the comic book costume on the show, but we’re most of the way through the season and there hasn’t even been a hint of it. I really don’t like Daryl.

I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5, and we’ll see where the show goes next.