iZombie: Heaven Just Got A Little Bit Smoother


The team is back and getting some really bad news

After a way too long break, iZombie finally returns. I don’t generally do recaps, but this has been such a long gap, I’ll make a partial exception. Among the many surprising events at the end of last season were: Clive learned about zombies; the Max Rager party ended in a massive zombie outbreak; Liv had to shoot her boyfriend Drake; CEO and annoyance Vaughan duClark finally died; Ravi’s zombie cure 1.0 kills the subject (which Major took); cure version 2.0 works perfectly except for causing near-total amnesia (which Blaine took); Peyton got kidnapped and Blaine rescued her; Vivian Stoll and her band of mercenaries not only know about zombies but are zombies and plan on establishing a “zombie homeland.”  Oh, also as an inside joke to the viewers, musician Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 died at the party, since he has the same name as executive producer and writer Rob Thomas.

At the scene of the party turned slaughter, Vivian demonstrates that she’s very thorough when it comes to cleaning up evidence. Blaine, Peyton, and Ravi, meanwhile, give their statements to the police following the abduction and rescue. Major had promised a zombie that he “killed” as the so-called Chaos Killer he’d look after her later, but now can’t find her and is very worried. Major was taking all the zombies on duClark’s list and freezing them, thus not actually killing them, although he was publically accused of being a serial killer, which is causing him some problems.

Blaine, still somewhat lost, returns to his funeral home/cover for his illegal operations. Of course, he no longer remembers he had illegal operations, or what they were. Blaine runs into Donnie, the cockroach-like second in command who was taking advantage of Blaine’s amnesia. Donnie has now convinced himself that Blaine is faking the memory loss, and tries to pressure Blaine into coming clean. Donnie and Blaine clash over a few things, and then Donnie makes a discovery down in the basement.

Major and Ravi find their place has been vandalized when they get home. I think Major’s going to have a rough time while the suspicion about him being the Chaos Killer lingers. He also doesn’t make any progress finding the missing zombie.

Major, Clive, and Liv pay a visit to Vivian at her soldier-for-hire company, Filmore-Graves. Vivian is preparing for what she calls Discovery Day, or D-Day, the day when society at large learns about the existence of zombies. Vivian is a realist and is not expecting this revelation to go well, and taking steps to protect her people. Vivian outlines her very extensive and well-wrought plans. The woman is very impressively detail oriented. We also get introduced to what I am sure will be Vivian’s ongoing sub-plot; a quest for the zombie that killed her husband. I have a theory about that, but I’ll hold it for now. We learn how Vivian came to command a team of zombie/mercs, and see a kid from Clive’s building who is apparently also a zombie.

Clive, Major, and Liv debate what they’ve learned afterwards. Liv goes back to the morgue and gives Ravi an update about what’s been happening with Vivian and her company. Liv, still under the effects of the solider brain she ate most recently, is worried about what’s going to happen to her when it wears off as far as Drake’s death goes. With that affecting her personality, she’s less than sympathetic to Ravi’s worries about not being the hero during Peyton’s abduction.
Blaine and Peyton have a scene at his place. Blaine is very reflective about his memory loss, wondering who he was before. Peyton updates him on the fugitive Mr. Boss, crime lord now on the run. Peyton is very jumpy, and looks even more unsettled when Blaine starts asking questions about their past.

Major is still having a really rough time after the public airing of the accusation against him. Even getting coffee is proving complicated. Ravi and Clive mull over what to do with Ravi’s 17 remaining doses of cure 2.0. Not being a zombie anymore is great, but who is going to want to lose their memory so completely? Ravi can’t make any more, as they are still missing a critical ingredient, likely the tainted Utopium from last season. Ravi is trying a new approach to a cure, but the process leaves Clive turning green. Liv bursts in, interrupting to tell them that Chuck Burd, radio host and conspiracy nut, is interviewing Billy Church, the security guard at the door of the Max Rager party. Church talks about seeing zombies, while Liv and Clive are too late to prevent the broadcast going out. Clive and Liv debate what public reaction might be to news of zombies as they drive off. A rattled Liv finally starts breaking down about killing Drake, and Clive suggests they do what cops usually do.

Peyton gets threats via Twitter and starts getting really nervous. She tries to call Ravi and ask for company, but he’s still sulking after learning she slept with Blaine and doesn’t answer. Ironically enough, leads to her calling Blaine and spending time with him. So Ravi caused the thing he’s worried about happening. Nice job, Ravi. I get it, but man, he needs to fix this.

Major finally has something go right when he gets a new job. Donnie begins spinning his latest scheme to try and get rich quick and screw over Blaine. Ravi’s life gets a lot more complicated when the morgue gets a visitor from the CDC who has a tie to his past. Ravi and Liv get called to a murder which leaves Clive really broken up, and finally agreeing that the public won’t handle news of zombies well. This murder also upsets Vivian Stoll. When Liv is there breaking the news, she gets a surprise about one of Stoll’s employees. All in all, this is getting really complicated for everyone.

What I liked: I’ve missed this show. The humor, the intricate multiple plots, Rose McIver’s masterful new tics with each brain Liv eats, all of it. I’m glad they’re back, although I’m still unsure why it took so long. There really are no bad performances on this show. Vivian Stoll is an intriguing new character who I am sure will bring along both help and complications.

What I didn’t: I get where Ravi’s coming from, but he’s not helping himself by not talking to Peyton. He’s too smart to do something that dumb. Donnie the thug just won’t go away and I’m worried about his new plan making things hard on everyone.

I’m glad they brought the show back. This is a really entertaining take on zombies, very distinct from The Walking Dead, but still highly enjoyable. I’ll give this one a 4 out of 5, and I’m looking forward to the new season.