Green Lantern/Space Ghost 1


Green Lantern/Space Ghost

Writer: James Tynion IV and Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Letterer: A Larger World Studios
Cover: Ariel Olivetti

Presumably to boost sales for their recent launched Hanna Barbera comics, DC is doing a bunch of team up one shots. I can’t say as I’m too interested in most of them, but I’ve always kind of liked Space Ghost. Teaming him with Green Lantern makes sense to me. The characters have a lot of similarities, both being space-borne law enforcers.

I liked the idea, but the execution left a bit to be desired. Green Lantern gets sent off to an uncharted dimension to respond to a distress call. In short order, he finds the Orange Lantern, a swarm of space bugs, and then Space Ghost himself. In stereotypical fashion, the two heroes misunderstand what’s going on, and spend much of the issue fighting each other. It goes on longer than it needs to, really. They also end up in a strange region that somehow blocks out all the stars, so the residents of the planet there think they’re all alone in the universe. This, too, I’ve seen before. Of course, the heroes make friends by the end and team up.

Plot: I”ve seen a lot of different aspects of this before. For a meeting of two legendary characters, I was hoping for a bit more. I’ll give the plot a low 3 out of 5.

Art: The art was decent, but I’m not sure about the effects for Space Ghost’s energy beams. It looked kind of odd. I’ll go 3.5 out of 5 for the art.

Positives: It was good seeing both characters together. The sorta-Batman cameo was pretty funny. Eventually, the heroism of both characters overcame the suspicion of each other.

Negatives: There was a lot of cliche here, or at the very least, things I’d seen before. It could have been really cool and was more towards kind of all right.

Overall, this was a disappointing book. It didn’t inspire me to pick the new Space Ghost book, that’s for sure.