Arrow: Sin-Eater


The girls are back in town

Things get ugly on a few levels in Arrow’s “Sin Eater.” Some earlier villains return for an encore, some allies make some hard choices, and some of the help they were hoping for doesn’t quite happen. It’s an interesting mix of plotlines, and none of them go real well for Mayor Oliver Queen.

The show opens with Oliver and Diggle out in the suburbs. It turns out they’re on a field trip to Indiana, following up on Felicity’s lead on Prometheus’ mother. Diggle jokes about how he used to drive Oliver around in the old days. Poor Diggle. His life used to be so much simpler.
Oliver’s errand doesn’t go at all as he’d hoped, and the team doesn’t make as progress as they could have in their hunt for Prometheus’ identity. Then again, I’m not entirely sure how much help learning that is going to be. I mean, it’d be great to get his name and description, but he’s proven careful and smart enough that I doubt he’s going to randomly pop up on one of Felicity’s camera scanning programs.

Meanwhile, the Department of Corrections around Star City learns something that most places know already. High-profile and/or dangerous prisoners should be transported alone and under heavy guard. But corrupt cop Liza Warner, Tong member China White, and crazy archer Carrie “Cupid” Cutter are on the same bus, and you can imagine how well that goes. Let’s just say the DOC has a few job openings now.

Oliver learns about this when he returns to the Lair, along with the gadget Felicity had him bring along on his road trip. Not trusting in the goodness of people, they pulled a sneaky stunt to get more info on Prometheus. This is also when we learn that Dinah is getting sworn in that day for her new job as one of Star City’s newest police officers. Diggle seems almost more excited than Dinah is. Maybe he’s hoping that someone on Team Arrow ends up with a real job and a life.

Before the swearing in, Oliver has another visit with his girlfriend, reporter Susan Williams. It’s a tense meeting, and Oliver gets surprised when she asks him flat out if he’s the Green Arrow. He handles that badly, and they both laugh it off uneasily. After the ceremony and some small talk about Oliver’s assistant, Thea finds out about Susan’s new interest. This is not going to go well.

Quentin then comes in, very upset about the jailbreak. He’s taking it personally since he has a connection to Liza Warner. Oliver’s vote that he was worried about getting to suddenly vanishes when he gets word of the three escapees striking. Racing to the scene, Green Arrow and Quentin find dead bodies and a security camera they can use to find out what happened. I really question the wisdom of Quentin running around working a case with Green Arrow. We finally got Diggle into a mask and now Quentin wants to cause the same problems? They learn from the video that China is after something that could mean either depository or storage.

While Captain Pike of the SCPD gets a letter that causes him to call in the ACU, Thea pays a visit to the Lair. She and Felicity talk about the new developments with Susan Williams, and Felicity is “persuaded” to hack Susan’s computer. They learn just how much information Susan has amassed on Oliver and what she has to back up her theory that Oliver is the Green Arrow. They plan on what to do next, and they’re at least smart enough to know that deleting it won’t help.

Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog go out after a Triad boss to find out what China is after. After Wild Dog finishes mocking Mr. Terrific for his slight costume upgrade, they manage to find their target. What they learn is that China’s target is something left over from the mess Tobias Church created.

Green Arrow and Quentin Lance go after the three escapees. About the only good thing to come out of it is that Lance and GA talk about Dinah’s eventual codename being Black Canary. That goes well. What doesn’t is Quentin learning what Liza Warner’s excuse for escaping is, and all three of the bad girls getting away. Then it gets worse when the ACU fast-ropes in (from where I’m not sure), ignores the fleeing fugitives, and tries to arrest Green Arrow for the murder of Detective Malone.

Trying to be smart about things, Oliver, along with Quentin and DA Chase, meets with Captain Pike. Pike has a good bit of evidence that Green Arrow killed Malone, which is fair, as he did. Pike, reasonably enough, isn’t going to back off on his pursuit of Green Arrow because the mayor thinks he should. Oliver and Quentin then talk about how Prometheus is keeping Oliver busy and off-balance as payback for Oliver’s trip to Mom’s.

Things get worse when Oliver gets a text from Susan asking to meet up. Susan’s editor got an anonymous report that Susan has been plagiarizing her stories, and lo and behold, there was evidence to back up the claim on her computer. Susan has been fired and is furious. I’d say that particular relationship is done, but I’ve also been wondering how much Susan actually cared about Oliver and how much of it was her going after a big story.

Oliver, not being an idiot, confronts Felicity about this and gets yet another surprise. Thea meets with Quentin and shows she has no concerns at all about what she’s been up to by the jokes she’s making. Deliberately or not, she’s echoing Pepper Potts in the first Iron Man movie. Quentin shares his concerns about Liza, and Thea wisely talks him down from shouldering the blame for Liza’s actions. As they wrap up, the women attack again, and grab a thug to guide them to the depository.

Oliver gets a series of tough meetings in his office. First he lets Thea have it over what she did to Susan. He’s understandably upset and Thea makes some really lame excuses. Quentin then takes Thea’s place and brings Oliver up to speed on the latest attack. Oliver plans to let the police handle it, since Green Arrow is so compromised by the ACU right now. Quentin urges him to fight anyway. While Felicity traces the phone belonging to the guy the women captured, Oliver meets with Pike and tries to explain a bit more about Green Arrow’s situation without giving away secrets. Pike says he’ll consider it, which is probably more than either Oliver or Green Arrow really should expect at this point.

The team heads out for the big showdown, and Felicity gives Dinah a mask, finally. It’s odd that the last two field operatives the team has had haven’t worn costumes, just essentially street clothes. Felicity reassures Dinah she can handle this, and then the big fight is on. The good guys win, despite the fact that the women hired a lot of rent-a-thugs for backup. The ACU shows up and Pike must have listened to Oliver’s story, since they go after the crooks, not the vigilantes.

Quentin makes his peace with the captured Liza, and denies her excuses. Thea and Oliver talk, and he compares what she did to something Moira would do. I think he’s dead wrong. Moira tended to lie to people or buy them off. What Thea did reminds me a lot more of something Malcolm would do. Chase comes in and drops a bombshell that’s going to make Oliver’s future a lot more interesting, as Prometheus ups his game.

FlashBack Theater is still stuck in Russia, as Oliver and Anatoli plot Gregor’s death. Then they get attacked and end up in a running fight. The only real tie to the modern era is the Sin Eater concept.

What I liked: I don’t care what Wild Dog says, I kind of like Mr. Terrific’s new jacket. It was an interesting line up of villains from throughout Arrow’s run. I don’t like what Prometheus’ mother said, but I can understand the motivation, and I’m glad Oliver was smart enough to go in with a plan B.

What I didn’t: What the hell happened to Quentin’s heart condition? He’s damn active this episode, especially for a deputy mayor. Black Canary’s cry seems really inconsistent in power level. She’s killed people with it, and other times her targets just seem to go, “Ow, that’s loud.” Most of Oliver’s problems are from his killing as Green Arrow/Arrow, which is never something I like in my heroes. Of course, his lying about it isn’t helping. I haven’t liked the mess with Susan Williams since it started, and don’t like what happened to her here. I’ve been having issues with Thea since she quit the hero game. Not that I don’t respect her right to make that call, but she’s been acting erratic and sketchy ever since. And, as has been true for several episodes now, there’s no progress in trying to stop Prometheus, although they at least tried this time.

This was an uneven episode. I’ll give it a low 3 out of 5.