Supergirl: Medusa


Guess who’s coming to dinner?

The CW hero shows have their big crossover this week. Crossovers are a big thing in comics, so it makes sense that now that they have all these linked shows, they follow suit. While it helps reinforce the shared world of most of the shows, it ended up emphasizing that Supergirl is off on her own. Not only is she literally on a different Earth than the others (Earth 38, apparently), but all the other shows shared the “Invasion!” title for their episodes, where this one was “Medusa,” a follow up on something from last week. They also didn’t do as much for the actual tie-in as the other shows did.

It’s Thanksgiving at Kara’s place, and it’s an interesting mix. Kara is playing host to Eliza, Alex, Winn, James, and Mon-El. It’s nice to see that Eliza still delights in Kara’s powers, watching as the Girl of Steel uses heat vision to cook a turkey (a ploy Clark has done many times in the comics). James and Winn are debating coming clean with Kara about Guardian, and Alex tells them to wait because she wants to come out to her mom. To me, it makes a LOT more sense for Alex to do a family announcement than it does for the trouble twins to out themselves in front of Eliza. Eliza is also sure that Mon-El is into Kara which Kara refuses to believe. After some weirdness with Alex’s beer (and apparently a lot of wine), dinner gets started. Alex gets upstaged after all when her attempt to tell mom gets broken by a familiar-looking circular ripple in the air right over the table. Mon gets a great line of, “Does that normally happen on Thanksgiving?”

While everyone’s a bit freaked out by this, it’s not the weirdest thing they’ve seen. So, while they have Winn scanning for it the next morning (obviously a rush job), they have other things to deal with. After some debate about whether or not Kara can be sneaky (no one buys that she can be), she goes to interview Lena to see if she knows anything about what her mother, Lillian of Much Evil, is up to. Lena claims they are not close, but as soon as Kara leaves, calls her mom and says they need to talk

Things get ugly at the Alien Bar With No Name. Mon is drinking (no surprise), turns down a cute alien girl (slight surprise), and then sees a suspicious looking man in a coat. Mon follows, but misses that the man left something clipped under the bar. The mysterious stranger proves to be Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, who kicks Mon-El’s ass in a fight in the alley. As they fight, Hank’s little present goes off: a bio-weapon tailored to only kill aliens.

While the DEO tries to figure out what happened, Mon-El is in quarantine, and not happy about it. Since she’s conveniently in town and an expert in astrobiology (although I’m not sure how), they bring in Eliza to consult. Since they are still trying to figure out what’s going on with the weapon, J’Onn orders himself and Supergirl to stay at the DEO. While this goes on, Lena and Lillian have a frigid mother-daughter talk.

To while away the time, Supergirl and Mon are playing Monopoly. She starts pressing Mon about if he ‘likes’ her or not. Mon manages to get out of answering by suddenly getting stricken with symptoms from the weapon. Eliza announces that she’s discovered the virus is A) not transmittable person-to-person and B) from Krypton. Kara puts the pieces together and races to the Fortress of Solitude. After destroying Kel-Ex, the robot servant that attacks her for no real clear reason, Kara learns that the virus, Medusa, was developed by her father to defend Krypton. At no point does anyone think to tell Superman that someone broke into his place.

Supergirl returns to the DEO and gives the data she’s gathered to Alex and Eliza. The two of them working together finally gives Alex a chance to get her coming out done with Eliza. Eliza already knew, and is very supportive and accepting. Supergirl and J’Onn have their own heart-to-heart about his recent affliction from M’Gann’s blood, and Kara worries what her Kryptonian parents’ legacy is.

The one thing Cadmus needs to finish weaponizing the virus is a rare isotope that somehow or other is only made at L-Corp. Supergirl rushes there to fight it out with Cyborg Hank, there to get the isotope. Hank has a new power, a blue eye-laser that’s really powerful and, I guess, gives him an equivalent of heat vision. During the fight, Supergirl saves Lena and Maggie gets shot through the shoulder. Traditionally, being shot in the shoulder proves you’re the hero, but I guess they didn’t want to wound Supergirl right before the big crossover (we’ll get there, eventually). Supergirl returns to the DEO, leaving the isotope at L-Corp because… umm…. she forgot?

While at first defending Lena to everyone, Supergirl gives in to doubt and flies to Lena’s office to talk about Lillian. Lena gets upset and tells Supergirl to leave. Alex tends to the wounded Maggie, and there’s some banter between them. Mon-El has heard that Eliza thinks he’s dying, but still makes jokes about having double vision before kissing Supergirl. She is neither surprised nor fighting the kiss, but Mon passes out right after so they don’t exactly talk about it.

Lena calls her mom and offers her the isotope she needs. Winn can track it, and knows when it leaves L-Corp. As the Luthors prepare to fire the rocket to release the gas, Supergirl and J’Onn rush to the scene. J’Onn knows he might die, but is ok with that, given his own problems. Supergirl ends up going after the rocket while J’Onn fights Cyber-Hank. Hank is doing fine until he gets distracted by the ripple from dinner showing up again. The rocket explodes, but something goes wrong and no one dies. We do get a nice scene that shows what one of the characters has been up to. There’s also an interesting scene in deep space that shows (no, nothing to do with the crossover yet) someone is looking for one of our aliens on Earth.

In a series of wrap up scenes and miracle cures, Eliza not only cures Mon-El, but helps J’Onn with his own blood disease. So that subplot was short-lived and went nowhere. Alex and Maggie redefine their relationship. Mon-El claims to not remember kissing Kara. And, third time’s the charm, the rift opens up again in Kara’s place and Barry and Cisco finally make it through. Carrying on the unpleasantness from Flash lately, Cisco corrects Barry that they aren’t friends, they work together. Barry recruits Kara’s help for the big alien fight on the other shows.

What I liked: I’m glad the Alex/Maggie issue has been resolved. I’m fine with J’Onn’s disease going away, but it seemed like a lot of build up for nothing. Eliza’s acceptance of Alex was well done (although I’m sure it cost the show some viewers, so good for them doing it). The dinner scene was fun. Lena got some good scenes.

What I didn’t: This barely qualified as part of the crossover. I don’t get how no one thought to tell Superman about the fortress or the virus. I’m not wild about the Mon-El/Kara romance, especially since she spent so long building up with James last season and that went nowhere. Why did Kel-Ex go after her? If Hank set that up, we never saw it. I don’t at all understand why James and Winn were going to blow their secret in front of Eliza, who they barely know. Are they going to let Mon-El do something besides get beat up/almost killed? If the isotope was important and rare, why leave it at L-Corp? What was the point of J’Onn’s brief illness? Why did the rift from Earth-1 open at the Hank/J’Onn fight? That’s not someplace Barry’s been and Kara wasn’t there.

It was an uneven episode and, as I said, barely qualified as part of the crossover. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5. On to part two!