Supergirl: Survivors


Step Up And Place Your Bets…

This week’s Supergirl is called “Survivors” and that’s the running theme in the episode. They hit you with that early as Mon-El is shown barely escaping the destruction of Daxam at the time of Krypton’s destruction. We learn that Mon was a Palace Guard, and everyone (except maybe Mon-El himself) seems to think it’s a good idea to keep him confined at DEO Headquarters for now. Especially with more of his background in this episode, I’m a bit disappointed they aren’t at least commenting on his sharing the family name with both Superman and Supergirl. Maybe they’ll get to that later. Hank then surprises everyone by leaving for “personal business.”

Maggie Sawyer returns, calling in Alex when National City Police find a very unusual dead body. Maggie and Alex are clicking really well. They make a good team, and it was an amusing change for Supergirl to not be able to keep up with the normals as they dive into the investigation. The Girl of Steel does contribute that the dead alien is from a peaceful, non-violent race.

Kara also isn’t up to speed at her new job. She brings a story idea to Snapper. While he’s not as much of a jerk as he was earlier in the season, he does a really good job of running through all the things Kara hasn’t done for her story. He’s not the nicest guy, but he is teaching her. Although you’d think she might have gone over some of the basics of the job with her experienced cousin.

Hank’s errand, to no surprise at all, is going to the alien bar we saw last episode. He goes to visit Megan, and gets a bit pushy about some aspects of Martian culture. Megan doesn’t go along with everything Hank wants, but does share some of her tragic background. To those of us that know the character from elsewhere, it hints at more reveals to come.

Back at the DEO, Mon and Winn are setting up for a bad buddy movie. Mon-El demonstrates his powers, and we hear he doesn’t share all of the Kryptonian abilities, which is different than the comics. Maybe he just hasn’t charged up under Earth’s yellow sun yet. The two of them get into various misadventures throughout the episode that don’t really seem to have an effect on the overall plot.

Alex and Maggie are digging in to the alien murder case. They make some progress, but end up getting a lot more surprises. There is more going on than at first look. It’s fun seeing Maggie and Alex work together. They are hitting it off well.

The DEO seems to be having relationship day. Hank tells Alex and Kara about Megan, and they offer advice. Kara complains about her boss to her holo-mom, which Mon-El walks in on, leading to him and Kara talking about parents and families. He also hints at a field trip, but Supergirl won’t bite.

Alex and Maggie go undercover on their case. They find an underground fight club with aliens beating on each other for the amusement of the masked upper crust of National City. This is run by a woman in a very nice red dress, Roulette. Roulette was an occasional foe of the Justice Society of America in the comics before the reboot. To their surprise, one of the fighters is Megan, going by her comic book handle of Miss Martian. Supergirl shows up in one of the more confusing scenes. The two earlier fighters just vanish, pitting Supergirl against Draga, who wipes the floor with her.

There is bad news all over at the DEO. Supergirl is getting patched up from her fight. Hank is dismayed to hear about the alien fight club, and then really not happy when they tell him Megan was part of it. Mon-El still can’t get anyone to let him out. Then Kara keeps showing she doesn’t quite know what she’s doing by failing to impress Snapper yet again with her lack of follow through on her reporting. This is getting painful. Also, she somehow knows who was at the fight. She was x-raying masks while fighting someone as powerful as she is? Maybe that’s why she lost.

Hank confronts Megan about what she’s doing, and she repeats what she told him earlier, that she does what she has to in order to survive (back to that title again). She does finally give him Roulette’s real name as he leaves. Supergirl then confronts her, but Roulette is annoyingly smug and wiggles through loopholes like Lex Luthor.

In another disconnect, the team meets up at the DEO. Hank is displeased about Megan’s choices and shares what he learned from her. Which makes me wonder how Supergirl knew to go after Roulette if this is the first she’s hearing of it. Winn also gets lectured about what he and Mon got up to. Mon-El and Supergirl talk more about their pasts, and he gives her some information about Draga, which is nice of him since he’s essentially under house arrest for… existing.

Hank is nothing if not stubborn, and goes to see Megan yet again. The visit goes badly, and he ends up getting captured, which I just don’t buy for a second. The DEO crew get worried with Hank missing, and Kara goes to see her new friend Lena Luthor. Lena’s rich enough to be on the list to get invited, and is a good enough person that she both doesn’t want to go and gives Kara the information.

Things go badly at the new flight club location. Megan and Hank are supposed to fight to the death. Supergirl bursts in and fights Draga again. There’s chaos everywhere. Eventually, it gets sorted out, and Roulette is (briefly) arrested. Alex and Maggie are both frustrated as she gets to walk away, and I wonder if Alex is frustrated by something else in that scene…

Kara gets her triumphant scene with finally turning in a good story. Copying her cousin even more, she claims Supergirl as a source. She also agrees to help out Mon-El more than she has. Hank visits Megan yet again and they talk for a bit. After he leaves, we learn something about Megan most comic fans were waiting for. It’s an interesting note to end on.

What I liked: The Mon-El/Winn scenes were amusing, if not exactly relevant to the plot. Alex and Maggie make a great team. Kara is recognizing her own, and her parents’, shortcomings. It was interesting seeing Roulette, especially since the JSA is part of this season on Legends of Tomorrow.

What I didn’t: A few of the scenes didn’t really work well. They seemed choppy and badly connected. Kara is becoming even more a copy of Clark/Superman than she is in the comics. Hank getting captured just seemed wrong. Kara seems to know less about being a reporter than I do.

This was a really uneven episode. I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5.