Supergirl: Last Children of Krypton


She ain’t heavy, she’s my cousin…

“The Last Children of Krypton” begins with the CW tradition of updating their introductory voice over, with Kara now mentioning she’s a reporter, which I still think is a bad idea. After that, Kara and Kal-El help out National City’s Fire Department when there’s a major blaze. Kara fights the flames directly while Superman does something new and different and somehow makes it rain. That’s a new power. Maybe it was a speed-vortex that sucked up the water from the hoses. Then they fly off to break up an armed robbery. That goes as smoothly as you’d expect for two normals fighting two Krpytonians. Superman even shakes his head at one of them, saying, “If the bullets don’t work, why the punching? I’ve never understood that,” echoing an in-joke among comics fans for years.

Things are still not going smoothly at the DEO, however. Superman and Supergirl get sent off to handle a renegade alien in the park. They handle it easily (and off screen) but there’s still the notable tension between Superman and J’Onn. It’s a little weird that Superman has such an issue with the DEO having Krpytonite, but Supergirl is fine with it. I guess she’s gotten to know them better?

At Project Cadmus, they have finished the experiment with John Corben, transforming him into Metallo. The woman in charge seems quite pleased, although her assistant is a lot less happy. The Cadmus folks seem to be zealots, as she asks Corben if he’s ready to “save the world from an alien menace.” I really don’t get that mindset. Both Superman and Supergirl have done immense amounts of good since they went public. I guess some people’s paranoia and/or racism knows no bounds.

After a short scene back at the DEO to confirm Superman still distrusts them and that their new guest is absorbing energy from the base to heal himself, the Super-Cousins go back to their civilian identities. Kara is very excited about starting work as a reporter, likening it to the first day of school. Cat introduces Kara to her new boss, Snapper Carr. Snapper was the mascot, more or less, of the early days of the Justice League in the comics, and a tv reporter on the Young Justice cartoon. In this version, he’s a very grumpy middle-aged man who walks out as Kara babbles about being happy to work for him.

Alex and Kara’s sister night gets interrupted on several fronts. Kara invited Clark, which Alex isn’t happy about. Then Clark needs to talk to his cousin alone, and tells her he’s going back to Metropolis. Then there’s a report of a jumper on a bridge, so they fly off to rescue him.

They end up being the ones that need rescuing, as the jumper proves to be Metallo. He’s not only immensely strong, but he’s firing blasts of green Kryptonite energy from his chest, which are really bad for our heroic Kryptonians. They barely manage to get away, Superman carrying a wounded Supergirl. The fact that Metallo is Kryptonite powered and that the DEO lost some of that deadly rock without telling either of the Supers doesn’t really help the tension level.

Cadmus interrupts the brewing argument by making a public statement against Superman and Supergirl that is vile and hate-filled. Everyone agrees to work against that threat for now. Winn gets detailed to dig up Non and Allura’s anti-Kryptonite suits, in a nice nod to the show’s own history. I’m glad they remembered those, it’s a good continuity touch.

Kara has a less then successful meeting with Snapper. She’s crushed by his refusal to accept her, and scurries away. She even asks Cat for help, but her mentor wisely refuses and tells her she needs to deal with it herself. Cat shocks Kara further by saying she’s leaving to go look at new possibilities for her and they have a touching scene. This will also neatly explain Calista Flockhart’s reduced role on the show, since the actress has no desire to move to the new shooting location that was part of Supergirl’s relocation to the CW.

At Cadmus, Metallo adapts to the slight damage he suffered in his fight. The assistant keeps arguing they are moving too fast, while the woman says they are moving to phase two. The assistant gets unhappily made aware of his new role. J’Onn and Superman arrive at the Fortress of Solitude to get a lead on how to trace Metallo, which they radio back to Winn.

Kara is not handling all the changes in her life well. In fact, she starts talking about moving to Metropolis to be with Clark since she feels so alone so much of the time. Alex has had enough by this point, and points out the many things Kara is overlooking. I guess all the CW heroes need a good shaking this season: Kara, Barry, and Oliver certainly do.

Cadmus actually has a pretty good plan going. They now have a second Metallo, and when Superman and Supergirl show up to beat on Corben, Corben points out if they are both here, they’re not protecting Metropolis. It’s one of those days when there are no good choices for the heroes.

Alex and Winn compare notes on their different perspective of living in foster homes, which gives Alex something to think about. Then, they figure out a way to trace who stole the Kryptonite from the DEO in the first place giving Alex a good action scene before Supergirl swoops in and helps out when Alex gets vastly outnumbered.

In a well-done dual scene, the Metallos get surprised when the Supers show up with allies. In Metropolis, the second Metallo gets ganged up on by Superman and the Martian Manhunter, which is a very powerful combination. In National City, it’s a different kind of Sisters’ Night, as Supergirl and a power-armored Alex take down Corben.

Supergirl drops in for what might be the last balcony chat for a while with Cat, and they get to say goodbye. There’s a great line with Cat asking who told Supergirl she was leaving: A little bird? A little plane? After that, Kara stands her ground with Snapper and manages to secure her job, if not a chair. We also find out who is taking Cat’s place.  J’Onn finaly relents and turns over the DEO supply of Krpytonite to Superman, who flies off and secures it before Clark goes back to Metropolis. The episode ends with Kara trying to reassure their still-comatose Pod Person who suddenly has a strong reaction.

What I liked: I really enjoy this version of Superman, and he works well with his cousin. I’m glad Alex basically told Kara to snap out of feeling sorry for herself. The dual Metallo fights were really well done. And the goodbyes to Cat were well handled.

What I didn’t: Kara got a bit too mopey too quickly. I thought it was odd that Metallo was such a great achievement, but then the second one was no big deal. I’m not sure Cat’s replacement is quite qualified for the job. And so far I don’t like Snapper Carr at all, and I’m not sure they needed to go the polar opposite of Cat to make the point things were changing.

It was a good episode with a lot of good scenes. I’ll give this one a 4 out of 5. I’m going to miss Superman and Cat, for that matter. I had my doubts when Calista Flockhart was announced for the role, but she’s done a great job with it.