Sam Wilson: Captain America #13


With the backdrop of the second Civil War of the Marvel Universe going on, Sam Wilson has his own problems. His acting as Captain America, especially since Steve Rogers was restored to health, isn’t popular in some circles. Now, some of these people have gotten together behind the scenes and provoked US Agent into confronting Sam and trying to get him to give up the shield and costume. US Agent apparently benefitted from the sorta-reboot Marvel did during Battleworld, since not that long ago he was missing at least an arm and one leg, but now seems completely whole.

Sam and the Agent have an ugly fight, which Sam is losing badly until he gets smart and takes advantage of a few things he has that his foe lacks. Sam eventually wins, and makes no one happy. US Agent is still not convinced Sam should have the shield. Rage, who helped start this chain of events, thinks Sam sold out. Sam takes care of some business with Tony Stark and then makes one of the video addresses he’s been doing since he took on the mantle of Captain America. He takes a reasonable, calm approach that will probably alienate people on both side of the issue with the Americops.

The final scene is some backroom dealing I’m really not happy about. US Agent reports back to the men that talked him into going after Sam and tells them he’s done. Unfortunately, Steve Rogers himself show up and talks the Agent into going after Sam again. I can only presume this is more of the stupidity from the “rewrite” Steve underwent in his own book.

Plot: I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 for plot. Heroes fighting is nothing new, so no points for that. But Sam is a man of principles who is trying so hard to do the right thing in an increasingly murky world. The twist at the end I don’t like but was clever.

Art: I’ll give the art a 3 out of 5. It was decent. Nothing great, nothing bad, nothing that really wowed me.

Positives: Sam sticking by his ideals no matter who comes after him is nice. Spencer is doing a great job talking about the racial tension in the country without being preachy about it. I like that US Agent reconsidered his position.

Negatives: Hero versus hero is old. And I loathe “Steve” (not the real one as far as I am concerned) doing this hidden negotiating with US Agent.

Captain America: Sam Wilson 13

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Daniel Acuna
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Daniel Acuna

One thought on “Sam Wilson: Captain America #13

  1. first off, bless you for recapping (no pun intended) and reviewing Captain America titles. I don’t have the strength to read them or the patience to buy them.

    US Agent is a throwaway character that should not still exist. I don’t get why they keep John Walker/Jack Daniels (mark gruenwald had proper noun disease) around.

    the thing that drives me nuts about Sam WIlson being Captain America is that it’s totally out of character. Sam is his own man – he was Steve’s PARTNER, NOT HIS SIDEKICK. The book was even renamed “Captain America and the Falcon” during this period. And then he went out on his own, ran for congress, helped the people in his neighborhood as a social worker AND fought crime… this guy doesn’t need Steve’s mantle. If Marvel really wanted to blow me away, they’d give him his own book and just call it The Falcon because that’s who Sam is – his own man with his own name and he’s a strong enough character to stand on his own without being wrapped up in red, white and blue. in a sense, I feel like Sam being Cap is a way to control him and that’s something he’d NEVER allow after his own experience as Snap Wilson and the whole Red Skull mind control that made him Cap’s partner in the first place.


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