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Well Comic-Con has produced the usual almost overwhelming amount of news, hints, rumors and trailers. There’s a lot to look at, think on, and speculate about. Here, I’m looking at the Justice League trailer. There’s a lot in that almost two and a half minutes.

Batman is putting a team together. He seems to already have Wonder Woman after the events of Dawn of Justice. They apparently have a relaxed, bantering relationship. Interestingly, considering the reception of both that movie and Man of Steel, Superman doesn’t appear at all. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Cyborg gets almost no screen time. We see him both as a normal looking person and in the full metallic look. I’m not sure how that works, unless we’re getting his origin. Part of the tragedy of Cyborg is that he always looks like the high-tech Cyborg version. We don’t see a lot of him, but we saw looks decent enough. It is a better look than Cyborg’s only other live-action appearance, back on Smallville. He’s being played by Ray Fisher.

Jason Momoa is playing Aquaman. This is clearly not the nice, neat, Superfriends version, but more the 90’s, scruffy, almost feral incarnation. There is some cool footage of him. His interview with Batman, or more accurately Bruce Wayne, doesn’t exactly go smoothly. Momoa looks great in the role, and I get a sense of his power from his screen time.

The Flash will be the Barry Allen version. Despite the success and fan acclaim for Grant Gustin’s take on the character in the CW-verse shows, he will cinematically be played by Ezra Miller. Nothing here looked right to me. Ezra’s black hair is really jarring for the blond Barry Allen. And that costume is hideous. Gustin’s on the Flash is much better looking. Hell, John Wesley Shipp’s from the live-action 90’s Flash looked better. This looks like a weird vinyl/armor hybrid. The lightning effects around him were decent at least.

It appears that Batman is bringing the heroes together to fight some un-named enemy that we learn nothing about. It’s an odd version of the League. Several big names and/or traditionally founding members are missing, like Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, or, in some versions, Black Canary. I guess they left out GL after his disastrous movie a few years ago.

The movie looks more appealing than Dawn of Justice to me. I’m a life-long comic book/hero fan, and I skipped Dawn of Justice for various reasons. The League movie at least looks like it might have some good moments in it. It will be interesting to see how they put this together.

One thought on “Justice League Trailer

  1. After Dawn of Justice, I’m concerned about where the franchise is going. This looks more like a marvel movie, which i guess is a good thing because WB’s DC EU movies have been worse than Age of Ultron to date – they’re really doubling down on the Guardians of the Galaxy pop song thing.
    But it’s just too early to tell, but I am already going in with low expectations and I really would have loved to see Jon Stewart in this flick, but here we are


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