Arrow: Lost in the Flood


This is NOT how I wanted to spend my vacation!

Picking up precisely where last week’s episode left off, “Lost in the Flood” opens with Green Arrow and Spartan facing off against a newly repowered Damian Darhk. Darhk effortlessly turns both arrows and bullets to dust after stopping them in mid-air. Even he seems to be surprised by this trick. He then claims he’s going to pull all the oxygen from their bodies and then leaves. For whatever reason, his anti-oxygen power evidently fails, since both heroes survive. Darhk says he’s going to go get Rubicon under his control again.

What I thought was interesting here, aside from Darhk being way too powerful, was one of his comments. Scoffing about their weapons, Darhk says something arrows not being able to stop him, and Spartan thought lead would? I’ve been wondering for a while about Spartan’s guns. If he’s been using standard firearms this whole time, he’s been killing a lot of people. If not, he’s switched weapons for this fight. I kinda hope Spartan’s been using some kind of stun guns, like SHIELD’s icers, before this.

Back in HIVE’s ark, Thea mourns her evidently deceased boyfriend. Malcolm is as sympathetic as always, although he does actually say he liked Alex for Thea. He has the Ghosts grab Thea and drag her off.

On tv, the ubiquitous Channel 52 news (an in-joke from the comics) reports that tens of thousands are dead in the catastrophe at Havenrock. An irritated Noah Kuttler turns the tv off. He’s wearing a PalmerTech sweatshirt, and, given his penchant for stealing from the company, I wonder where he got it. Felicity answers a knock at the door and Curtis comes in. There’s a very amusing scene of Curtis figuring out who Noah is. Actually, most of the better scenes in this episode are Curtis reacting to Noah, Donna, or both. All of this takes place in the loft that no one seems to live in anymore, but everyone hangs out in.

Damian and Ruve are talking about going after Noah and Felicity. They aren’t best pleased at the hacking duo taking Rubicon away from them. Apparently they dug deep during Darhk’s escape and brought a lot of villains past along. Now they have Cooper Seldon, Felicity’s college boyfriend and criminal hacker. Darhk’s most recent reign of terror really is getting to be like old home week. When they get a glimpse of Lonnie Machin sneaking around on some of the security feeds, Damian, with actor Neal McDonough’s wonderful delivery, shakes his head and comments, “Not this guy again.”

Down in the bunker, which bizarrely is now filled with green accent lighting, Lance is watching the news. They finally get a lead to where Thea is, and they take off to track that down. Green Arrow asks Lance to stay, because if things go badly, the city will need someone to listen to. Right, that would be the police captain accused of corruption and who has been fired, demoted, and disciplined how many times now during this series?

After Malcolm drugs Thea with the wonderful HIVE yellow vitamins, Green Arrow and Spartan go to where Thea’s call came from. It’s an empty intersection, but GA eventually finds a way down to the hidden base. They subtly gain entry by blowing up the door, but no one seems to notice. Maybe because Ruve is too busy being snarky to Malcolm and the rest of the guards are just wandering around mindlessly.
Leaving behind a bemused Captain Lance, who never really gets to do anything this episode, Felicity goes back to the loft and has the best scene of the episode with Curtis, her parents, and a beer. Noah and Donna spend a lot of the episode bickering, and it’s a bit painful to watch. They don’t do the fun, sitcom style arguing, it’s more like a real divorced couple. About the only good thing to come out of all this is Felicity finally tells Donna about her work with Green Arrow.

Green Arrow and Spartan move through HIVE’s creepy subterranean suburb, getting more and more creeped out by the perfect lawns and Ruve on the tv news. Eventually they manage to find Thea, but, of course, she’s been brainwashed and fights Green Arrow. After a lot of fighting and some arguing with Malcolm, Green Arrow and Spartan manage to get away and stage a fighting retreat through the neighborhood.

Darhk spends some time musing on Seldon and Felicity being a couple, and those asides from him are always fun to watch. Green Arrow and Spartan end up in one of the houses to hide out, and find the family is home. They have a weird discussion with the family, who fit in well with the weird neighborhood. They tell Green Arrow and Spartan something really surprising about the yellow pills.

Then we get to the worst scene of the show. Felicity, Noah, and Curtis techno-babble at each other, and then things start flickering and sparking around them. Seldon is apparently directing random power spikes at them. They manage to redirect the attack back at him, and his computer blows up with lots of pyro and Seldon being hurled across the room. There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll just say computers don’t work that way at all and move on. Donna gets freaked out and goes upstairs after seeing Noah and Felicity working together.

Felicity and Donna have an oddly placed, weirdly timed soap opera-like scene upstairs, which I think is one of the first times we’ve seen more than the living room of the place. Donna is folding clothes because that’s what she does when she’s stressed. They talk about their history and we learn that Noah has actually done at least one really good thing for Donna. At the risk of beating a dead horse, the clothes are Felicity’s. Even though we saw her all packed up to move out. I really think the writers aren’t paying much attention to what they’re saying, show to show.

Green Arrow and Spartan have more fight scenes down in the ark. They clash with Ghosts, Thea, and Malcolm. Green Arrow eventually manages to snap Thea out of her yellow pill induced haze, so everyone turns on Malcolm. They win, of course, but that’s when Lonnie takes over the Genesis control room and threatens to destroy the place. Where Damian is during this I’m not really clear on.

The heroes designate Malcolm to lead the civilians out, which is an interesting choice. I’m sure Malcolm will get Malcolm out. And maybe Thea if she doesn’t see him coming. Ruve, being held hostage, asks Lonnie if he realizes he’s about to destroy the last safe place on Earth. His response? “I’m sorry, did I leave you with the impression that I’m rational?” He really comes across here like a second-rate Joker, and doesn’t even do it as well as Mick Rory over on Legends of Tomorrow.

The room is somehow or other powered by dwarf star alloy, which will go off if there’s a stray shot (yet can get hit with superhuman strength over on Flash), and the room starts exploding after the Lonnie vs Team Arrow fight. The team manages to escape, but only save one of Darhk’s family. This is going to be a problem later.

Back at the loft, Donna asks Noah to leave, for Felicity’s sake, which seems really weirdly overprotective. Felicity’s an adult, and working in dangerous circumstances. Shouldn’t she be able to make her own choices? Curtis compares the Noah/Donna situation to Felicity and Oliver, which annoys Felicity but I think makes a good bit of sense. Any further reflections on this topic get cut off when Damian storms in to take revenge for them stopping Rubicon. It’s an ugly place to leave off before the season finale.

What I liked: Damian Darhk steals every scene he’s in, and has a fantastic delivery. As always, the fight scenes are done well. The Curtis/Felicity scenes were great.

What I didn’t: There were a lot of problems with this one. The room powered by unstable dwarf star alloy made no sense. Computers don’t blow up from power spikes, even if spectacular hackers are involved. Donna is actually getting weirder as time goes by, and not in a good way. I’m hoping someone remembers to tell Lance what’s going on while he’s just sitting down there in the suddenly green bunker for no reason. Thea sure went under the influence of those pills quickly and then snapped out of it just as fast.

This was not one of their better episodes. I’ll give it a 2.5 out of 5. I really hope the season finale next week is better than this was.


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