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You want the good or the bad news first?  Well, we’re going with bad.

Well, the last few cliffhangers from the real world side of things have been announced, and a lot of fans aren’t going to be happy. It’s bad news for two out of the three shows, and a change in circumstances for the third. What does this mean? We’ll see in time, I suppose.



The cancellation of this show was rumored for a while, so this isn’t a shock. It does leave us with an unresolved cliffhanger for poor Fred Thompson. We also never got to see the hoped-for transition from the SSR to the more familiar SHIELD. There’s already a petition going around to ask Netflix to pick up the show, adding it to the six confirmed Marvel series on that network already. There are also Netflix rumors about Moon Knight turning up over there, but those are far from confirmed.



The SHIELD spin-off featuring Bobbi (Mockingbird) Morse and on-again, off-again husband Hunter went through two different incarnations when it was being pitched. Neither of them caught on. It was recently announced that ABC wouldn’t pick up the show after all. Since Hunter and Bobbi were very dramatically written off Agents of SHIELD, the two characters are now in limbo. Bobbi, of course, has a connection to the Avengers in the comics, but since Hawkeye’s married to someone else in the Cinematic Universe, they won’t be going that route.

Red Faced


The Girl of Steel’s future was in doubt from mid-season, since the ratings kept falling off. Finally, what was decided was that it would move from CBS to the CW (home of Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow). With that in mind, the show is still set in a different universe than those others, so crossovers will more than likely not be anywhere near as frequent as they are between those other shows. But at least the show is coming back.

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  1. I’m bummed that Agent Carter got cancelled – I thought they show was getting better! Now Carter is dead in the present and her show got cancelled in the past… what a drag.


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