The Good Guys.. kinda

Ok, several disclaimers here. This is a late review, because I got caught up doing a lot of other projects. So I’m not going to be as concerned about spoilers here because this movie has been out long enough that it’s already on On Demand and is about to come out on DVD. Also, I will say going in, I have never liked the character of Deadpool. I generally find him annoying, and he’s a parody of a character I do actually like, so he goes in with several strikes against him.

With all that said… I loved this movie. It was hugely entertaining. The action was great, the plot was fun, and they knew enough to make fun of themselves throughout it. This was a fun, silly, action flick that hit all the right notes and impressed me despite myself.

They start off in high gear and keep going from there. This one of the only movies I can remember seeing where even the opening credits made me laugh. They mock the lead, Ryan Reynolds, and go on from there with a lot of amusing action movie stereotypes. Also, as a geek, I’m amused that the two leads have now done work for both the major comic book companies. Reynolds, of course, starred in the horrid (in my opinion) Green Lantern movie a few years ago.
Morena Baccarin is not only Leslie Thompkins on Gotham, but she’s also the voice of the AI Gideon on The Flash, as well as Black Canary on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

As with most first movies, this is an origin story. Mercenary Wade Wilson gets some bad news, terminal cancer, and signs up for an experimental program. It works, to an extent, but the people running it are not exactly on the up and up, so bad things ensue. The movie becomes an action/revenge flick. There’s lots of fighting, gratuitous violence, and some great lines. Action comedy can be a very hard line to walk, but Marvel succeeded with Ant-Man and now Fox pulled it off with Deadpool.

Deadpool gets a few allies in the form of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a really obscure character even I had never heard of. The three of them end up in a big showdown at the end of the movie against Ajax and his various minions. Relations between Marvel Studios and Fox have gotten better lately, as seen with Spider-Man popping up in Civil War. There’s a subtle hint of that here, since the final battle happens on a wrecked SHIELD Helicarrier. SHIELD is part of the Marvel properties, so the carrier showing up here is probably good sign. The final fight has some wild stunts and great lines. Deadpool is, of course, the star of the show, but Colossus and Teenage Negasonic Warhead get to do some cool things, too.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who liked it, since they’ve already confirmed a sequel. In Hollywood terms, that’s pretty damn fast.

What I liked: Nearly everything. While silly action flicks aren’t generally big on character, this did a good job with several of them. Deadpool was true to his weird, comic book self. Vanessa was a strong female character who did some great stuff. While they exaggerated slightly, some of the laughs from the way Colossus acted were in keeping with his general attitude in the comics. The action was great, the visuals well rendered, and the comedy was fantastic.

What I didn’t: Very little. I think my only real complaint is that Colossus is not always stuck in his metal form, which they implied in the movie. I also acknowledge that is quite possibly just me being a comic geek.

I liked this movie in spite of myself, and that’s even more impressive. I’ll give this a 4.5 out of 5. If you haven’t seen it, I really strongly suggest you check it out on either DVD, On Demand, or cable when it gets there.


One thought on “Deadpool

  1. I enjoyed this movie, but I wished they went a bit farther, pushed the envelope more, if you will. something wacky, like their dvd/blu ray commercial. I also thought the flick got a bit too serious at times, but nevertheless, it’s still a fun time at the movies.


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