Legends of Tomorrow: Leviathan


Clash of the Titans

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are forced into an increasingly desperate situation. They have run out of options, and are going up against Vandal Savage at the height of his power, just before he takes over the world and kills Rip Hunter’s wife and son. So the Waverider takes the team to London in 2166 just in time to fight the man who can’t die and conquers the world when he has an army behind him. Wouldn’t want it to be easy, right?

After a nasty arrival with a lot of anti-aircraft fire, the Waverider sets down in the ruins of the London suburbs. Gideon manages to sort out various reports and determines that Vandal Savage will be out of his fortress tonight. Rip starts one of his somewhat long-winded warm ups, when Mick interrupts him and says he’ll need, “Killer, Klepto, and Pyro.” Here’s a question- what happened to Mick’s Kronos gear? It seemed a lot more effective than his Heat Wave gun, but we haven’t seen it since he re-joined the team. That’s actually a common comic book issue– reformed villains are much weaker than their formerly evil selves.

The team makes a half-hearted attempt at going after Savage. Again, if only Kendra can kill him, and only with objects from the night of the meteor fall in Egypt, why isn’t she part of the team? They fight a lot Savage’s thugs, and come across a woman who is obviously high up in his command team. Kendra sees a bracelet the woman is wearing, and remembers it from the night of her first death. Sara, reasonably enough, asks how Kendra is supposed to kill Savage with a bracelet. Stab him in the eye, maybe?

The Resistance (there’s always a resistance, or rebels, or something) shows up and Rip goes to meet with them, this time accompanied by Jax, Stein, and Ray. The Resistance is suspicions at first, but Rip manages to talk them into trusting the team. While Jax and Stein are overwhelmed by the pathetic refugees, Rip talks to Palmer about his family. Rip tried to save them several times, and each time he failed. I could have sworn earlier in the series they said that you couldn’t do multiple time jumps into the same period. I guess Rip had a way around that? One odd thing was that Miranda, commander of the Resistance group they have teamed up with, says she retina scanned the group, and that Rip doesn’t exist and the others disappeared 150 years ago. Where did they get retina scans of the team? I could see Ray’s being around somewhere because of all his high tech toys, and maybe even Stein for a lab clearance somewhere, but Jax? He was a high school football star turned car mechanic. When would his retina scans have ever been taken and why?

The refugee camp gets attacked while the team is back on their ship. Savage apparently has some massive super-weapon that wiped everyone out. Stein and Ray turn all science geek and try to figure out what Savage’s new toy is. Snart and Mick get sent to steal the bracelet, and Kendra is asked to reread Boardman’s journal for any clues about how to defeat Savage. She doesn’t like the assignment, but really, she doesn’t seem to be doing much else. In the box she’s rooting through, she finds Carter’s mace and gets another flashback, which gives her an idea.

Cassandra, the woman with Kendra’s bracelet, is training in Savage’s citadel. She is very good, fighting off three guards at once. When the team shows up to steal her jewelry, they get a surprise. She calls Snart by name. That makes a bit more sense when they learn she’s Savage’s daughter, so they grab her and bring her back to the Waverider. Savage has had a few offspring in the comics, almost always daughters. Scandal Savage, my favorite of that family, was one of the stars of Gail Simone’s Secret Six title for a few years.

Rip makes a few sarcastic comments about the team’s tendency to kidnap people and/or bring them on his ship. He’s very uptight about other people on his ship– I wonder if he and Strand from Fear The Walking Dead know each other? The team debates what to do next, and eventually settle for Snart working on Cassandra for information while Mick Rory helps Kendra make a modification to Carter’s mace. In the comics, the mace was usually Hawkman’s signature weapon, but some viewers associate it with Hawkgirl from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

The mystery of Savage’s new weapon is solved when it shows up to destroy the Resistance group they are with (I guess the camp that got wiped out was a different one). A giant robot shows up, and this is one of the places this episode falls apart for me. Putting aside the issue of “Why build a giant robot?” there are other problems. They react like a normal group of action heroes, relying on the ship’s weapons to fight it off, which do nothing to it. Firestorm is immensely powerful, and even the combination of rapid heating and cooling, like say Cold and Heat Wave’s weapons, is really bad for metal, like you’d make a robot out of. Somehow, no one thinks of any of this.

The team splits into different teams once again. Stein spends the rest of the episode in med bay, after getting injured in the first attack, and also neatly taking Firestorm out of the equation. Jax helps Ray tinker with Atom suit and grows to giant size to fight the robot. I think this is one of the least efficient ways possible to deal with the bot, but I admit it looked cool. Cold convinces Cassandra to help them and turn on her father, leading to a big raid on Savage’s compound.

The raid has a lot of action, but also a lot of problems. Hawkgirl almost manages to kill Savage, and at least hurts him, which surprised the immortal tyrant. Unfortunately, Kendra gets a  big surprise during the fight, and makes a really bad, and selfish, choice. They wrap up the episode with Savage as a prisoner, and Cassandra joining the rebels. Personally, at this point, I’d take the Waverider to space and shoot Savage into the sun. Even if that doesn’t kill him, he’s not going to be able to get out. Problem solved.

What I liked: As always, Leonard Snart steals almost every scene he’s in. He’s my favorite on the show so far. Mick is an amusing presence, now that he’s not trying to kill them anymore. Rip’s reveal about trying to save his family was very sad, and Ray’s optimism in the face of it was very in character.

What I didn’t: There were a lot of dumb decisions, especially around the various fights. I mentioned many of them above. There were other issues, like Ray apparently forgetting the Atom suit has blasters until Jax reminds him, and the Cold/Heat Wave duo using their guns more like clubs half the time. And I still can’t believe Kendra’s choice in the last fight.

I think this was a badly done episode for many of the reasons above. I’m giving this a very low 2.5 out of 5. I hope they get better before the season ends.