Supergirl: Better Angels


Here’s hoping we get Season Two

Supergirl’s first season comes to an end with “Better Angels.” The cliffhangers from last episode are resolved, a lot of things change, and there are a few events I was pleasantly surprised by before the end. There are cliffhangers on a few levels, but I’ll get to that later.

After the stunningly brilliant decision on Alex’s part to go back to National City, where she promptly fell under the control of Myriad like everyone else in the damn city (but she was sure she’d be different because…um… the writers said so?), Alex is being forced to fight her sister, Supergirl. Alex is decked out with all manner of Kryptonite weapons, which is something else I’m not sure I understood. Where’d she get all those suddenly? Did Non take her on a tour of the DEO armory? If so, did they end up freeing the prisoners Supergirl managed to keep contained?

Anyway, it’s a nasty fight, with Alex on the offensive and Supergirl trying to both snap her out of it and not die. J’Onn gets clever and goes for some particular help. Well, semi-clever, as it involved bringing yet another person into National, but it all worked out. Alex comes back to herself and then somehow turns off the Krpytonite. I have no idea how that worked.

In their hidden, or at least forgotten, broadcast studio, Supergirl and company rejoin Max Lord and Cat Grant. The plan is for Supergirl to make a big speech and wake everyone up, along with broadcasting her symbol (do they remember it belonged to someone else, first?) onto everyone’s phone. J’Onn looks less than impressed, which I admit is the same way I was feeling about it. But it works. You could debate whether or not mind-controlled people would answer their phones to see and hear the appeal, but considering so many people shuffle around like zombies on their phones these days, I could see it happening.

Myriad fails, and Non is really annoyed. He and Indigo plot and scheme about what to do next. Indigo is very much reminding me of Lady MacBeth, not only feeding Non’s ambition, but urging Non on to worse and worse deeds. If they can’t control the humans, they’ll pick up their toys and go elsewhere… after killing everyone, of course.

Back at the DEO base, everyone is regrouping. Among the unpleasant surprises are that Superman is out cold for reasons that are never explained, and that General Lane, is, well General Lane. Despite all his help so far, Lane promptly re-arrests J’Onn. Even Lucy tries to talk him out of that little stunt. Max then delivers more bad news- the Myriad wave has been altered, and is eventually going to kill everyone in a really unpleasant manner. Two questions- does this mean that they figured out how to make it global instead of just National City-wide, and did Max and Cat’s blocking gadgets stop working? Max, with his usual caring attitude, made this annoucement right after Alex told her mother about Jeremiah still being alive and prisoner at Project Cadmus.

Supergirl decides that if the others can figure out where the Myriad thing is, she’s going to go after it alone. She’s not really expecting to come back, and does a series of little goodbye speeches to everyone at CatCo. The most amusing, and perceptive, reaction comes from Cat, which is no great surprise.

Max and the DEO team manage to both trace the signal and figure out it’s powered by a Kryptonian power source. Supergirl is all set to go on her suicide run, but J’Onn isn’t going to let her go alone. Lane isn’t pleased that J’Onn is leaving, but handcuffs can’t stop someone who has both near-Kryptonian level strength and the ability to phase through objects.

There’s a huge fight between Supergirl and Non in one area, and J’Onn vs Indigo elsewhere. It turns a bit more brutal than I would have expected. The Myriad signal is still going strong, and Supergirl decides she needs to get rid of it by lifting all of Fort Rozz and throwing it into space. I’m not quire sure why she couldn’t just tear out the relevant parts, but off she goes. For some reason, Supergirl’s powers don’t seem to work right in space, which is contrary to both her own and her famous cousin’s comic book continuity. There’s a daring last minute rescue which they sort of telegraphed, but it was nice to see.

The episode and season (and maybe series) ends on a series of surprises. There’s a pardon, big career changes for a few people, and some romantic developments. Then, as a final scene, there’s a new arrival on the planet. The ship opens, there’s a stunned “Oh my God,” and it ends.

Supergirl is one of two hero shows presently on uncertain status. Everything else has been renewed except Supergirl and Agent Carter. I’m sure there will be cries of sexism, since those are two female lead shows, but Carter, much as I enjoyed it, was just plain getting bad ratings. Supergirl has a much better chance of coming back. I’m hoping they both do.

What I liked: They did a decent job of letting several characters contribute. Supergirl, J’Onn, Alex, Cat, and even Max Lord all had a hand in saving the city and/or world. They did a great job of making me wonder who’s in the pod. Since it looks Kryptonian, and most of them are accounted for already, I’m wondering if it’s Power Girl. PG and Supergirl are very similar, though, so I’m not sure how well that would work.

What I didn’t: I pointed out several flaws above, from Alex’s suddenly appearing weapons and armor to the very imprecise boundaries of Myriad’s effects. I don’t know why Kara’s powers don’t work in space. Lucy didn’t do much but stand around and look disapproving of her father. Winn, too, got really short changed on things to do. James at least gets to play love interest. Ending on the non-reveal and “Oh my God,” was kinda cheesy.

I’ll give this a 3 out of 5 for the finale, and hope we get some good news soon about a return of the Girl of Steel.


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