Legends of Tomorrow: Left Behind


Team conflict reaches new levels, and Ra’s is back

There are a few spoilers here. I generally try to avoid those, but I needed to include them for the review to work. Proceed at your own risk. 

Legends of Tomorrow “Left Behind” picks up pretty much where the previous episode stopped. Kronos is attacking the Waverider and causing all manner of chaos. He forces the ship to take off as the fight rages inside. For reasons they don’t explain, Ray, Kendra, and Sara weren’t on board. They get back from wherever they were just in time to see the ship lift off and maroon them in their own past.

The battle is not one of their better scenes. Kronos shoots Rip in the chest at one point, and absolutely nothing happens aside from Rip falling over. Jax and Stein debate fusing as Firestorm, but are worried about damaging the ship. Their bonding had never had a destructive effect before that I’ve seen. They finally merge, then split again as soon as they get to the bridge. The team is out cold on the deck aside from Snart, who Kronos has run off with. He left them a present, though. The ship has been sabotaged to stay in the Temporal Zone, trapped in limbo.

Back in 1958, the three that got stranded spend a lot of time waiting. Ray is convinced the others will come back for them in moments, thanks to time travel. This doesn’t happen, and eventually they get going. After stealing a car, they make their way to Hub City. In the comics, Hub City is a very dark and corrupt place, about as bad as Gotham, home to the faceless vigilante known as the Question. Ray’s optimism starts grating on Sara, and when one of his ideas fails to work, Sara leaves them, striking out on her own.

Two years later, Ray has managed to get a job as a college professor teaching physics. He and Kendra are living together and apparently happy with each other. They have a picnic celebrating their “anniversary” and Ray has a surprise for Kendra. He doesn’t get a chance to give it to her, as the Waverider finally shows up.

The two years are not recoverable, as they can’t change events they participated in (which doesn’t quite match what I recall of them meeting Stein’s younger self, or Snart’s. Maybe they can only change the past of people whose last name starts with S?). The mostly reunited team goes off in search of Snart and Kronos, with various degrees of enthusiasm. Ray and Kendra are having very different reactions to being ‘rescued.’

The various missing members of the team are all accounted for in the next few scenes. Sara went back to somewhere that was like home for her, which is going to make things harder for the team, since she’s returned to Nanda Parbat and the League of Assassins. It was nice to see Ra’s again. I liked him as leader much better than Merlyn.

As for the others, Snart has, indeed been taken by Kronos. I had my suspicions about that, and they are confirmed as Kronos unmasks and is revealed to be Mick Rory, Heat Wave. Rory rages about Snart betraying him. Rory was taken in by the Time Masters and trained to become the fearsome bounty hunter he is now. He figures out the others are in Nanda Parbat and says that vengeance is even more beautiful than fire, which is saying something coming from a confirmed pyromaniac.

The rest of the team decides to sneak into the League of Assassins headquarters, because really, what can wrong with that plan? To no great surprise, they all get captured. The surprise came from the details of how it happened, and it was a decent but believable twist. As seen on Arrow, the League is fond of trial by combat. Through a bit of maneuvering, the fight will be Sara vs Kendra. It’s not as one sided as it seemed like it might be, even though Kendra has revealed she was losing her powers amid the normality of her 1958 life.

The fight doesn’t get a clear winner, because they get interrupted. Kronos has come calling, and wades through the League foot-soldiers like they’re nothing. The team finally gets themselves together to beat him. As this goes on, Snart manages a really badly done escape from Kronos, which involves poor spaceship construction and an utterly unnecessary sacrifice.

We end with Rory/Heat Wave/Kronos captured and imprisoned on the Waverider. Snart gets a crash course in the ship’s medical capabilities. Ray and Kendra talk about their time together in Hub City and patch things up. Rip has their next stop planned out and they are off to another point in time to try and stop Savage’s rise to power.

What I liked: Sara going back to the League made a lot of sense. It was nice to see Ray actually settled and happy for once. I kind of saw the Kronos/Rory thing coming but it was believable. I liked seeing Ra’s again.

What I didn’t: The weird excuses to keep Firestorm from merging are getting thin. If he’s too powerful for the team (which I could easily see) they need to come up with another way to handle it. And he’s not even using most of his powers from the comics yet. Snart’s escape was written poorly.

It was a decent episode. Not their greatest, but not their worst. I’ll go a solid 3 out of 5.


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