Squadron Supreme #5


The Squadron, made up of survivors from different Earths before the forcible integration that is the current Marvel Universe, has had a lot of trouble on the main Marvel Earth. In a bad spot on Earth, they were offered an escape route by Thundra, who wanted to get their help in the horribly named Weirdworld. Once there, the Squadron suffered a lot of immediate setbacks, such as the apparent death of Dr. Spectrum and Hyperion losing his powers.

They learned that Weirdworld had been taken over by a refugee from Earth, the former Avenger gone bad Dr. Druid, and his ally Modred, a long-time Avengers foe. The two of them had bent this realm to their will with few exceptions. The Squadron was separated and scattered, dealing with different factions. This issue lets them finally get back together, after fighting their way through the forces against them.

Dr. Spectrum returns, with an explanation about what happened to her and a way to give Hyperion at least part of his power back. Nighthawk and Blur fight some of the mind controlled residents of the realm, and cause their ally a lot of anguish with their choices. And they still have a traitor to deal with. Eventually, they win the day and return to an uncertain welcome back on Earth, now with a new ally and teammate.

Plot: It’s a decent enough fight and reunite issue. There was nothing groundbreaking here, but nothing really bad, either. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 for the plot.

Art: The art was decent. The different races all had their own looks to them. I’ll give the art a 3 out of 5 as well.

Positives: At least most of the team got back together. I like their new member. Hyperion having second thoughts about some of what they do is a good thing.

Negatives: I still can’t get past the name “Weirdworld.” I mean really? That’s the best they have? Even if it’s an old name, with the universe reassembled, give them something else to work with. Hyperion’s sudden vulnerability to magic makes him seem like even more of a Superman knock off than he was before.

I’m enjoying this spin on the Squadron Supreme, and I want to see what happens when they get back to Earth.

Squadron Supreme #5

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Leonard Kirk, Paul Neary, and Marc Deering
Colorist: Frank Martin and Guru-FX
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover: Alex Ross