iZombie: He Blinded Me… With Science


Blaine: What? You never had a picnic go really badly?

Returning from a several week gap, like most of the CW hero-themed shows, iZombie comes back with “He Blinded Me… With Science.” Continuing from last episode, Blaine is riding a city bus definitely looking a lot worse for his recent adventures. He’s definitely a bad guy, but Blaine does get some of the best lines. I always enjoy his screen time.

Back at the morgue, Liv is fuming at a not quite listening Ravi. She’s outraged about learning that her roommate is a spy for MaxRager, as well as the woman who was sleeping with Major. The Gilda/Rita mess is only a part of the chaos going on, and I suspect Liv is in for a lot more surprises before the season finale finishes. I really do think that the MaxRager crew are underestimating Liv, and I think (I really hope) that’s going to come back on them. Clive comes in a few moments later. This week’s murder involves a woman who had some kind of burning liquid thrown in her face.

Just after Liv and Clive take off to look into the case, Blaine comes in, doing an amusing bad-movie impression of the “Brains…” cry of zombies. It’s kind of funny, really. Ravi goes on to update Blaine about the setbacks with the cure he’s been trying. Blaine continues to be his unflappable, wise-cracking self (“I suppose rat suicide is too much to hope for?”).

It turns out the dead woman, Dr. Eleanor Cash, was a scientist who was involved in a nasty law suit not that long ago. The victim in the suit suffered facial burns, much like what happened to the recently-deceased doctor. That’s worth a look, but Liv and Clive find the victim, Annie, now cured via plastic surgery and remarkably not bitter over the whole thing. She even has an alibi for the murder. There is some weird neighborhood kid lurking in the hedges yelling, “Freak!” every few minutes, which is clearly starting to get to Clive.

In Vaughan du Clark’s office, the evil CEO is buzzing on MaxRager. Like he wasn’t a big enough jerk before, we need him amplified? Vaughan and Major do some more verbal sparring about how Major’s doing his job. They both get surprises when Major reveals Gilda/Rita’s been sleeping with him, and Vaughan mentions she’s his daughter. The lady in question comes in, trying to hide her bruises with sunglasses. Vaughan is suddenly ready to kill Major until she tells him Liv punched her out, not Major. Yep, there’s that MaxRager Rage.

Blaine finally makes his way back to his base of operations and has some more really entertaining dialogue with Don E and Chief. I keep hoping they’ll explain why Chief is mute, but either it’s something I missed or they just have so much weirdness going on that they don’t feel the need to explain the zombie who communicates by cell phone emoji.

While this is going on, Bazzio and Clive are working together. They have an amusing argument about brains, which leads to calling Bazzio’s lab tech. That, in turn, leads to them finding out about the doctored lab report from a while back. At least they don’t know Liv did it, but those two are smart. They may well figure it out.

The quirk of the week is Liv (and later Blaine) talking like scientists. Now on the plus side, the late Dr. Cash was apparently a genius, and this eventually helps Ravi with his cure efforts. What I don’t understand is why this effects Liv so strongly, since she’s a scientist anyway. That part didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Liv also seems to backslide to her stalker brain from a while ago, spying on Drake a lot and suddenly trusting him less.

Ravi gets more setbacks in his cure attempts. Liv and Clive go track down more leads, ending up at a really cheesy pirate restaurant. This doesn’t really go anywhere, but it does trigger another vision for Liv. Cue the “It’s A Small World” music: the dead doctor used to work for Vaughan du Clark. At his office, Vaughan refuses to answer any questions, but gets his own surprise. The dead woman did work for him, but under another name. Imagine that, someone lying to du Clark.

Major figures out that Blaine is a zombie again, and they both talk about their uncertain fates. After that, Blaine continues interfering with the list Major gets from Vaughan. Neither one of them react to the next name, but we know something bad is coming when it turns out to be Drake, Liv’s current beau.

Since there is now an opening at MaxRager, Liv disguises herself (into the actress’ normal look, which is amusing) to go apply for the job. Between her own knowledge and the scientist brain she’s on, the interview is no problem. What she does learn is that the company has a basement with top security. Liv, of course, gets caught snooping, and even more of course manages to bluff her way out.

Largely on his own this time out, Clive solves the murder with some clever detective work and digging around. I’ve said it before, but I do like that the show lets characters besides the star get things done. Clive would be a great detective even without Liv’s visions.

Things get ugly near the end of the episode. There are surprises for almost everyone, and few of them are good. There’s an untested version of the zombie cure, a kidnapping, a character possibly (probably) being converted to a zombie, and what sound like some health problems cropping up for one of our major characters. I think it’s going to be a wild ride between now and the end of the season.

What I liked: The dialogue on this show is always brilliant. Blaine gets a lot of great lines, as usual. Ravi and du Clark get their share as well. The are doing a great job of bringing together the various plotlines that have been secret or at least isolated all season.

What I didn’t: The murder solution was a bit cliche, and I’m surprised they seriously used it.

Things are building nicely, and I wonder how many secrets will still be around by the end of the season (the show has been renewed for another full season). I’ll give this one a high 3.5 out of 5.


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