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The Dream Team finished Frost

Aptly titled, the second season of Agent Carter ends with “Hollywood Ending.” Of course, that ends up working on more than one level as we await word about Season Three, which seems like it’s not coming until May. They manage to work in a few good surprises this episode.

The show starts rewinding very slightly from where the last episode stopped, and seeing the explosion occur again from the point of vew of the SSR agents outside. The tension over Thompson’s plan to detonate the Gamma Cannon is ended when the blast comes from inside. Everyone looks accusingly at Thompson, who manages, “It wasn’t me.”

Inside, the agents find Wilkes in the rubble, purged of Zero Matter and back to normal. The bad news is Whitney Frost is also there, apparently unharmed, and NOT purged of Zero Matter. The fleeing agents have their retreat covered by the arrival of Jarvis and Howard Stark, who get in some amusing lines as the team retreats.

The SSR cleans house, imprisoning the crooked agents and trying to figure out what to do next. Samberly, Wilkes, and Stark compare notes, and that’s an impressive brain trust. On the other end of things, gangster Manfreddi is watching Frost descend into madness, essentially ignoring him. I’m not sure how much I’d be trying to get involved with a woman who had just killed her last lover, but that’s me. Manfreddi’s Nona makes a suggestion that has him considering a new approach.

Some planning (and bickering) at Stark’s is interrupted by a very unexpected arrival. It turns out some of the cast have known each other in the past. An unlikely alliance is proposed and then, after some debate, accepted. They finally come to an arrangement that is really unlikely, but makes sense taking in to account all the character motivations.

As part of the plan, the agents need to gain access to Frost’s room at Manfreddi’s place. The distraction is amusing to start, and gets even weirder as it goes on. Frost’s reputation has already spread to the point where she’s scaring the thugs, and Manfreddi gets a big surprise. It was one of the most entertaining scenes of the episode.

Finally, the SSR concocts an elaborate trap for Frost. In preparation for it, Thompson gets humbled a bit, but actually learns something useful in the process. The team sets up their gadget and lures Frost out. Naturally, nothing works as it’s supposed to, and there’s a heroic sacrifice to defeat Frost and neutralize the Zero Matter. Finally, since it’s the end of the season, the heroes manage to win.

The wrap up scenes manage to leave us with interesting developments. Wilkes gets a job offer that makes him happy. Ana comes home and has an amazingly great attitude about what she’s been through. Thompson makes a discovery and gets a nasty surprise. And Carter’s love life finally takes a good turn. I really hope they get Season Three approved, because I really want to see what happens next with a lot of this.

What I liked: Stark, Wilkes, and Samberly make a really impressive team. Thompson is a good agent when he’s not being a selfish prick. Sousa and Carter are both heroes. Ana is a great character who I’d love to see more of. Manfreddi was actually an interesting sympathetic character at times, which is hard for a brutal psychopath. There’s a nice nod to the first Captain America movie with one of Stark’s gadgets.

What I didn’t: Did they completely forget about Dottie? They free her, she gets captured… and is never seen again.

Agent Carter is a fun period piece. I think the second season was better than the first. I really hope they manage a third, although I know the odds are against it. I’ll give this finale a 3.5 out of 5, and the same score for the season overall.

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  1. I didn’t think the climactic confrontation with Frost was particularly exciting or compelling. On the other hand, I thought this season was a significant improvement over the first – i’d give this season a 4 out of 5. Thompson and Dottie are characters I’m looking forward to seeing next season, but they really need to weave more Stark into this – it just seems like he’s only there bc he’s contractually obligated to appear in two episodes when they write it as if he should be in most episodes.


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