Legends of Tomorrow: Pilot Part 2


White Canary, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, and Professor Stein attend an auction

In the second part of the pilot, Legends of Tomorrow finishes setting up the status quo for the show. They are still in 1975, now trying to get a better fix on where Vandal Savage is, after getting the information from Professor Boardman. They are already developing some quirks- apparently flying on the Waverider, whether through time or just normal space, doesn’t agree with Mick Rory, Heat Wave. 

In another important part of establishing the rules, Rip lays out one of the issues with time travel. They can’t go back and change events they directly participated in. So, they can’t go back and save Boardman. They also can’t fix whatever mistakes they make as the series continues. I guess Legends time travel works differently from Heroes time travel, since Hiro and Tommy both changed their own pasts. Then again, considering Arthur Darvil used to be on Doctor Who, maybe Rip’s time travel should work more like that version.

Their next clue to Savage is that he’s attending a black market arms deal. The Waverider, it turns out, has a room to make clothes to fit in with any era. That’s going to be handy as the series goes on. Professor Stein, Captain Cold, and Heatwave attend the auction. Savage shows up, as does a surprise guest from another series. When the inevitable fight erupts, they show some good tactics, and pulled a great surprise that took advantage of one of the team’s powers. Unfortunately, they also lost a bit of their high-tech weaponry, which has sent ripples forward in time according to the Waverider’s sensors. So now they not only need to stop Savage, they need to recover their lost gadget to save their future.

Just to make things more complicated, it also turns out that the weapon that killed Carter and Shayera in their first lives has turned up again. Items from that night have a chance to stop Savage, so they need to go after that, too. To steal the artefact, they send Cold and Heat Wave (which makes sense), and Ray Palmer (not quite as much). There’s a lot of bickering as they find a few surprises on the way to get the knife.

Meanwhile, Stein, Jax, and Sara go to Ivy Town (comic book home of the Atom) to meet Stein’s younger self. Younger Stein has been working on some tech they need to track down their lost gadget. There are a lot of amusing scenes in this part of the story, especially the ones of Stein literally talking to himself. Messing with your own past is never a good idea. They’ve arrived on a night of huge importance in Stein’s life, and complications inevitably develop.

Eventually, most of the team unites to go after Savage. It’s an ugly fight. They end up doing something slightly wrong, so they don’t kill Savage. One of the team dies, another is critically wounded. The team unites over their dead member, similar to the Avengers when Loki stabbed Coulson. The survivors agree to go after Savage, setting up the status quo for the series.

What I liked: The fight scenes have some great special effects, which you’d expect in this day and age. They also did some clever things with powers and skills, which I really enjoyed. Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold continues to steal the show for me, easily my favorite of the team. The Stein and Stein scenes were funny.

What I didn’t: The guest star turning up made some degree of sense, but still seemed like a big coincidence. The owner of the house Cold and company broke into also seemed a bit of a stretch, as did what finally set off the alarms there.

It’s a new show and they’re finding their way, but I’m enjoying it so far. Hopefully they’ll polish up their weak points. I’ll give this a low 3 out of 5, and I’m looking forward to seeing where and when they end up next.


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