iZombie: Cape Town


The iZombie mid-season finale is called “Cape Town,” another amusing title that works pretty well for the topic. In a very different beginning, a woman runs down an alley, pursued by two thugs. One grabs her purse, looking pleased. Then, suddenly, a masked and caped hero shows up and attacks them. Apparently, it didn’t go well, as the hero ends up in a trash truck the following day. 

Carrying on from last episode, Liv and Major are not doing well. They argue about his texting with Rita/Gilda (still waiting for THAT reveal), the effects the brains have on Liv, and their relationship in general. Ravi ends up interrupting with news of the body. Saved by the murder?

The victim was a shop teacher by day, masked vigilante called The Fog at night. Clive says all the cops knew about him and a few others like him. Ravi admires him, fitting for the geek that he is. Liv mocks him incessantly, which both seems mildly out of character and foolish considering we all know what’s coming, and Liv really should by now.

In what initially seems very out of character, Major is in a bar flirting with a woman. Not only is this unlike him, but right on the heels of an argument with Liv, it’s just odd. It turns out there’s a reason he’s there, and we get a hint of why near the end of the scene. Major is a busy guy.

At the morgue, Ravi is practically drooling over Fog’s utility belt. It’s funny to watch. Liv, meanwhile, is slipping into bad, melodramatic superhero mode. This, of course, is when Clive turns up with some information about the muggers, who were identified by the victim.

The thugs work for Mr. Boss, the crime lord who has been creeping around the edges of the story for a while now. Boss is his usual shallow, semi-charming self, claiming ignorance of the muggers and the Fog. Liv continues to act oddly, under the influence of the hero’s brain. Boss isn’t much help, but something sparks off a vision for Liv.

After a brief scene at his place, Blaine shows up at the morgue with a seriously wounded man. The man, Drake, has some information about the tainted Utopium Ravi needs to keep experimenting on the cure. With no other option, Liv scratches him, making him into a zombie. There’s an amusing scene later of Blaine giving him instructions on how to make it as a zombie.

The new lead for Liv and Clive is another hero-wannabe, this one called Hashtag. Even taking into account how silly most of the “real life superhero” types look, this one is ridiculous. What they learn from him is that the Fog had a line on something big happening, and was trying to team up with other “heroes” to deal with it.

Liv calls all the other heroes in to the office, with some really amusing results. She calls Clive Jim Gordon, which he objects to. Cavanaugh, who we saw last week, is a bit surprised at the group as he passes on some information. Overall, aside from a few laughs, it wasn’t a helpful scene.

Major has a very touching scene with the woman from the bar earlier. She is a zombie as well, and I’m almost positive from something she said that she was infected by Blaine. Whoever it was is controlling her, making her service other zombies as clients. It’s a sad story, but the two of them get on pretty well. I actually think she’d be better for Major than Liv, at least at present.

There are some bizarre developments with the aftermath of the Fog’s murder. Liv finally works out what he was up to, and goes to intercept a big gun shipment. Big in both ways- there are a lot of them and they are large caliber. Liv gets a few surprises as the real murderer is revealed. Where Liv got the costume she’s wearing isn’t addressed.

The raid on the gun shipment goes really, really badly. It leads to Liv and Clive having an argument about what she’s been doing, and he comes to a decision that could really change the status quo of the show. Then, there’s an unpleasant scene with Liv and Major. Liv really has a bad time of it near the end of the show. And, to wrap it up, Ravi makes some observations about his attempt at a cure that are going to set things back a lot. There’s no one major cliffhanger, but there’s a lot up in the air about Liv’s life.

What I liked: Blaine might actually be the most entertaining part of the show. He’s not always a big presence, but he’s damned fun when he’s around. Mr. Boss is a menacing character in a subtle way. Clive’s big reaction at the end actually makes a lot of sense, and is partially a result of Liv not telling him about the effects the people she “channels” have on her. The scene with the self-described “zombie hooker” was nicely done.

What I didn’t: Things with Major are getting way too soap operaish. Operatic? Operay? You get the idea.

I’ll give this one a high 3.5 out of 5. Unless they do some miraculous fixes, things are going to be a lot different when the show returns from hiatus.