Who’s Who on Jessica Jones


Hopefully, you’re enjoying Jessica Jones on Netflix as much as we are!  Here’s a quick “Who’s Who” on Marvel’s latest foray into television. 

Jessica (Krysten Ritter)- In the comics, she tried to be a hero after she got her powers. Things went horrifically badly for her, which is the focus of the show so I won’t do spoilers here. Later in the comics, she joined one of the Avengers groups with her eventual husband, Luke Cage. She has flight, strength, and invulnerability. Above is Jessica during her brief costumed career.
Trish (Rachael Taylor)- Patsy “Trish” Walker is the civilian identity of Hellcat, a superhero with a long career. One note of interest- she was most closely associated with the Defenders, which is the promised team show coming after Netflix introduces all four of their solo heroes. On this show, she seems to have replaced Carol Danvers as Jessica’s close friend. That may be because Carol, better known as Captain Marvel, is slated for a movie in 2019. Hellcat is a fighter with no real powers, like Black Widow.

purpleKilgrave (David Tennant)- Kilgrave, also known as the Purple Man, is a minor villain in the Marvel Universe. Essentially, his power is you do what he tells you to, which is on the one hand is not as impressive as Hulk or Thor, but on the other is terrifying if you really think about it. The take on him in the Alias book and this show is a darker, more realistic version of what would happen if a man of questionable morals got that power.

hogarthHogarth- (Carrie Moss)- In the comics, Jeryn Hogarth is a businessman who works for Rand-Meechum. That company is the source of Danny Rand’s wealth. Danny Rand is better known as Iron Fist, supposedly the fourth Netflix Marvel series. On the show, Hogarth is Jessica’s sometime boss, and also female.

powermanLuke Cage-(Mike Colter)- In the comics, he started off as Power Man, eventually ditching the name. I don’t know how much of his story will be on either Jessica Jones or his own show, the next in line from Netflix, so I won’t do spoilers here. Cage is possibly best known as Iron Fist’s best friend and long time business partner in the company Heroes for Hire. In the comics, he has slightly better than human strength, at least at first. But he had steel hard skin and was nearly impossible to hurt.