Agents of SHIELD: Frenemy of My Enemy


You know those comedies that have scenes with someone walking in on just the wrong part of a conversation, or seeing the very few moments of an otherwise innocent conversation that makes everything look bad? That was “Frenemy of my Enemy” on Agents of SHIELD this week. Only with a lot more serious problems coming out of it.

Fitz manages to shake his tail from Gonzales’ ‘Real’ SHIELD team in a very entertaining way. Aside from providing a good laugh, this also gets Fitz back with Coulson, Hunter, and Peteson/Deathlok. Considering how scattered the team has been, it’s good to see them linking up again. Less good is the reunion that Coulson proposes next, especially from Fitz’ point of view.

Back in the Afterlife/Inhuman refuge, Cal is riding a high after dinner with Skye/Daisy and Jai. He’s acting manic, actually, which isn’t good for someone with homicidal impulses. Jai is telling Cal she’s going to let him get more of his things and bring them back. What she tells Skye later is that they’re just going to use Gordon to get Cal out and dump him. Skye tells her that people will suffer if Cal gets treated that way, but Jai doesn’t really care. She’s actually really racist, Jai. She cares about her Inhumans (who they really need to name already) and not a damn bit about anyone else.

Back at the SHIELD base, Morse and Mac spar as they talk about what’s been going on. To no great surprise, Morse kicks his ass with no real effort. Hey, in the comics, she eventually becomes an Avenger– she’s really good. I loved the scene, not just because zealot Mac gets beaten, but because Morse finally says something I’ve been writing about the last few episodes: Hydra is still out there and Coulson isn’t the enemy. In other news there, Gonzales’ SHIELD is bringing in some special tool to open this mysterious box of Fury’s, which is getting as bad as the damn briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Of course, this is bad news for Simmons, who managed to get it away from the base with Fitz. Simmons tells May, looking for support, and is not at all happy when May tells Morse at least most of the truth.

Coulson’s big plan is tracking down Ward and Cara (Agent 33). Coulson wants to use them to go after Dr. List, one of Hydra’s surviving scientists that is experimenting on supers. This is a very uneasy alliance, especially since Ward almost killed Fitz and Simmons a while back. After a lot of uneasy planning, they finally decide that the plan is to send Baskshi in to see List with Deathlok as backup/bodyguard.

The elements for a major disaster start falling into place. Simmons is going to try and hack Deathlok’s eye so they can see what he and Coulson are up to. May has either converted to Gonzales’ side, or is doing a really convincing impression of that. Skye decides she should go with Cal to try and mitigate his freaking out at being kicked out of Afterlife. And Hydra is tracking Gordon’s teleporting, although they don’t know who or what he is just yet.

Cal, it turns out, owns an office building in Milwaukee. It’s his base of operations while he’s been searching for Skye all these years. That’s where everything goes bad. Cal and Skye are there, being followed by Lincoln. Gordon pops in to check on them, and Hydra traces him. Hydra sends in Bakshi and Deathlok, so Coulson and company go, too. Simmons completes her hack just as we see Ward and Coulson fighting together against Hydra. No, that doesn’t look bad at all.

Misunderstandings abound. Lincoln and Deathlok end up fighting, because Lincoln, somewhat understandably, doesn’t believe Deathlok when he says he’s a friend of Skye’s. The “real” SHIELD guys now think Coulson’s working with Ward, so they’re even more suspicious of him.  Hydra is after Gordon, who teleports away at the last minute with Skye, who also saw Coulson and Ward, and Cal, who hitched a ride. There are several surprises and a double-cross at the end that are going to make things really complicated next episode.

What I liked: Hydra is at least competent. Their study of superhumans has led to their being able to track Gordon, which makes some sense. Coulson wanting to get Ward working with them on this end is understandable, as was Fitz’ reaction. Cal, while a nutjob, is a consistent one. Bobbi finally actually said Coulson isn’ the enemy.

What I didn’t: May seems to be losing faith in Coulson really quickly. I hope it’s a con on her part, but it isn’t feeling that way to me. Gordon almost always throws up a shield in combat before he blinks out, and he didn’t this time, what, so Cal could hitchhike? Jai is a really cold hearted person who I am liking less as time passes.

I’m giving this one a 3.5 out of 5. They’re building up to a big mess, which I guess will be the season finale/cliffhanger. With the rumored spin off supposedly featuring Bobbi Morse and Hunter, I guess they patch things up soon.


One thought on “Agents of SHIELD: Frenemy of My Enemy

  1. yeah, it was nice to see the ‘other’ SHIELD people finally start saying that Coulson isn’t the problem. I also feel like things are finally getting on track in the last few episodes – since they came back from winter break, i was kinda bored, but now it feels like we’re going somewhere and i actually WANT TO SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. It’s not the greatest show ever, but it makes GOTHAM look like it’s written by a twelve year old.


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