Agent Carter: SNAFU

snafuAgent Carter’s miniseries is almost over, and “SNAFU” raised the stakes a lot.  It was a very tense, well-written episode, and managed to rise above many of the problems I’ve been having with the series.  It was also a brutal episode on a few fronts. 

Carter was captured by her own agency last week, and it looked bad for her.  They think she’s keeping secrets, which she is.  But they also think she’s working for Leviathan, which she isn’t.  The scene where they ask why she felt the need to run her own investigation and her calling them all out on how they’ve treated her was great, and had to be cathartic for character and actress both.  There’s a funny sort of rescue scene, with Jarvis trying to get Carter out with some very creative methods.

Dr. Ivchenko is running around causing all sorts of problems behind the scenes.  Whatever weird, hypnosis-like ability he has is a very dangerous one.  He’s one of those people who is very easy to dismiss, and only find out later that his friendly smile was hiding a knife to stab people in the back.  He and “Dottie” make a really frightening combination.

Thompson and Sousa finally realize they’ve been barking up the wrong tree, about Carter at least.  I think Ivchenko’s brainwashing would be required to make Thompson back off on Stark. There are a lot of cat and mouse scenes with Dottie, the SSR agents, and Carter and Jarvis’ arrest.  In addition to a great stunt sequence involving Dottie and some stairs, we also got to see Thompson acting the most human we’ve seen so far.  He even seemed concerned about both Carter and Sousa.

The end of the episode had a few ugly scenes.  Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie get up to some deviltry, and there’s a really bad night out for a lot of people at the movies.  While civilian deaths are bad, there was worse in store for the named cast.  A major character dies near the end, in a scene with bravery, tragedy, and a really nasty death.  They have a lot to wrap up next week as the show ends.

What I liked: The stair scene with Dottie was great.  Carter finally telling them the truth, about herself and the grey sphere was good to see and nicely done.  There was no forced comedy at the Griffin Hotel, which I was really sick of.

What I didn’t: The bad guys got away and are on the loose.  The character who died had a very sad death, if a noble one.

I’ll give this a 4 out of 5.  If the rest of the series had been written at this level, it would have been amazing instead of just good.  Next week is the finale, interestingly referred to as the “season finale.”  I wonder if that meant Carter and the SSR will be back?


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