Going Nuclear as a Canary Sings


Barry deals with a couple of love sick metahumans, whilst Ollie returns to a city in turmoil, and Laurel finally finds her place. (As per usual, spoilers for “Crazy For You,” “The Nuclear Man,” “Uprising,” and “Canaries” follow within.)

Last week saw Barry begin to move forward from Iris whilst dealing with a love sick teleporter, while Ollie returned to a city fighting back against the enemy in their midst. I didn’t cover last week’s episodes at the time because I was preoccupied, but we’ll play catch up now as we push on with Barry and company finding Ronnie, while Laurel finds herself this week.

03-ArrowFlash-BFlash was emotionally solid last week as Barry got to deal a bit more with his father when a new case took him to a crime scene at the prison. The breakout story was rather run of the mill, itself, featuring Peek-a-Boo and her teleportation abilities, but the addition of Barry’s father helping out the investigation from the inside lead to a great moment at the end where he reveals to his son that he knows his secret, and letting him know that he is proud of the man he has become. It was a heart felt scene, and an easy highlight of the episode for me… but what did you think of it?

03-ArrowFlash-COn to this week, the search for Ronnie finally comes to a close as the team discovered that he has merged with Professor Martin Stein, the man behind Firestorm, which has kept only the strongest aspects of both persons, being Ronnie’s body, but Martin’s mind. Its hard news for Caitlin to swallow, but when the chance of separating the two to save them both arrives, she refuses to stand by and do nothing, leading to her and Barry rushing to Firestorm to try and prevent an explosive death. Unfortunately, they seem to be too late, as Firestorm bursts into a nuclear blast, which registers on the military’s radar, and reveals to us that General Eiling is on the hunt for Firestorm.

This is great, as it sets us up for a bigger story moving forward, but also because it means more Eiling. Now, I’m not a huge fan of that character, per say, but the actor who has been cast in the role, Clancy Brown, is a cult favorite of mine. From the Kurgan in Highlander, to Sgt. Zim in Starship Troopers, and even the iconic voice of Lex Luther in various Superman and the Justice League cartoons, there’s just something about him that I like to see (or hear, as the case may be), so the prospect of seeing more of his rendition of this anti-metahuman general is super exciting to me.

Of course, the end of the episode also sees the classic Firestorm symbol attached to the character, so many fans are undoubtedly excited for more of him, as well. But as much as I’m interested to see more with Firestorm, I am beginning to think that the show is a bit too crowded at the moment. At first I didn’t think much of Firestorm’s inclusion, assuming it would be handled kind of like the Huntress in Arrow’s first season, but this seems a lot more like an ongoing plot for its own character origin. And yeah, Arrow is doing the same thing right now with the Atom, but they’re in their third season. I guess I just wanted Flash to hold his own a bit more before jumping into the realm of setting up other heroes over long periods of time… but what do you all think about this overarching plot line?

03-ArrowFlash-DMoving on to Arrow, last week saw the conclusion to Brick’s big story arc, as Team Arrow pulled the residents of the Glades together to take back their piece of Star City from the criminals who had overrun it. The whole thing was full of epic trappings, complete with a massive street battle that invoked both last season’s multi-part finale, and The Dark Knight Rises, albeit to a lesser degree on both accounts. But the real highlight was the flashbacks featuring Merlyn’s origin story, throwing us back to when Ollie and Tommy were just children and Merlyn lost his wife. The events leading up to his first murder, and eventually to his arrival in Nanda Parbat to join the league were well executed, and have provided a nice little light into the darkness that has become the character.

03-ArrowFlash-EThis week continued the journey of Laurel stepping into her sister’s shoes, as the new Vertigo breaks free from custody and applies an enhanced version of the drug that seems to work a bit like Scarecrow’s fear toxin, causing those infected to see what they fear most. Laurel seeing her sister, and hearing her disapproval, was a much needed poignant moment for the character, in my opinion. See, people have been deriding the depiction of Laurel in the show since season one, and while I never really agreed with their complaints, I have been mostly capable of understanding them. Now, what they did here actually reflected much of what those people have been saying this season since Sara died – that Laurel could never really step into her shoes – and I think the focus of her story this episode being her own realization of that, and her finding her own place in the world of vigilantes will help end some of the complaints her character has been receiving. Or at least it should… wouldn’t you agree?

Another big part of the episode was Ollie finally letting his sister Thea in on his secret, and its about damn time. Since earlier in the season, when he sought her out and brought her back home, I’ve been waiting for him to tell her the truth as he said he would, and have been curious to see how she would react. Ultimately, it really turned out to be a great familial moment, and when she pointed out the silliness of his lies and excuses over the past few seasons, it was a nice chuckle, because there’s no way we couldn’t agree with her there.

Of course, that wasn’t all that was on Thea’s plate, as the assassin in her midst finally tried to kill her. Luckily, with the combined intervention of Roy and Merlyn, she escaped with only a renewed anger for her father’s misdeeds. This leaves me quite excited for the next few episodes, as we may just see her suit up as Speedy alongside Team Arrow, and that will be extremely fun to see, no doubt. The team is almost complete, even if Thea is just a stand in for Mia, and I can’t wait to see them all together.

All that said, in the coming weeks, I quite look forward to seeing more of Ray Palmer’s endeavor in becoming the Atom, as well as seeing how Ollie’s first return home years before he actually returned turns out. As far as Flash goes, I’m still waiting for more about Zoom, and while we now have confirmation that adult Barry was in the past the night his mother died, we need more information on Wells. But that will likely have to wait as Grodd seems to be coming soon, and that will definitely be interesting to see, don’t you think?

Let me know in the comments below, and lets discuss your thoughts.

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  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both series. They have good contrast to one another with Arrow typically heavier and darker and Flash having a more fun style. I very much liked how they did Firestorm in Flash. Overall, these shows are can’t miss television for me.


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