GalaxyQuest: The Journey Continues 1


When I think of licensed comics, I tend to think of Dynamite Comics.  They do a lot of really nice work with some properties I really enjoy.  IDW has a fair amount also, and this month they continue the adventures of GalaxyQuest, a great sci fi comedy movie that starred Tim Allen Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman among others.  I loved that movie so, when I saw the comic, I picked it up without even flipping through it, which is rare for me.  

They didn’t quite capture the tone of the movie, but they came damn close.  It is a funny, entertaining story that takes place in several different settings.  There are quite a few scenes in outer space with various alien and advanced technologies.  But they also cover the stars of the tv show, a Star Trek parody, and all the show business insanity that surrounds a hit show.  It’s funny seeing them jump from aliens fighting with blasters to actors arguing about how many episodes the show might run and what spinoffs they might get.

The plot ties nicely into the events of the movie, even though it’s now several years later.  The new threat is believable, and they link everything well.  They made a few minor changes, but they work for the most part.

Plot: It was fun, and made me laugh, and really, what else do you need from a comic based on a comedy?  I’ll give this a 3 out of 5 for general entertainment.

Art: The art was good.  The characters don’t look that much like the actors from the movie (the cover was a lot closer), and they did a few other changes, like toning down the Sigourney Weaver character’s cleavage, but I can understand that for a comic.  I’ll give the art a 3 out of 5 also.

Positives: It was fun.  It made me smile. The story ties to the movie and gets a lot of the spirit of it right.

Negatives: I’m not sure why they made such a difference between the cover and interior art, possibly likeness rights with the actors?

I was amused by the idea of the comic in the first place, and entertained enough to see where they go with it.

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues 1

Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Nacho Arranz
Colorist: Esther Sanz
Letterer: Gilberto Lazcano
Cover:  Nacho Arranz and Esther Sanz (variant Roger Robinson and Idalia Robinson)