The Boys: Good for the Soul

Halfway through the first season, I’m still not exactly sure what to call The Boys. There are supers, certainly, but very few heroes. It’s a dark world of power games (super and not), celebrity, and more vengeance than justice.

The Boys: Cherry

The world of “The Boys” is a very dark and ugly one. Making superheroes “gritty” is nothing new, of course, but this takes things to a whole new level. While I’m generally not a fan of that approach, I have to say this series, so far at least, is well written, with good performances, great special effects, and some interesting and original ideas.

The Boys: The Name of the Game

While I consider myself a big hero fan, I can’t watch everything at once. Sometimes, this results in me taking a while to get to something that’s been out for some time. That’s the case with The Boys, which I’m just starting now.