The Boys: You Found Me

The Boys has been a dark, arguably horrific look at a world where superheroes have the fame, influence, and power of major celebrities, complete with serious corporate backing from the mysterious Vought Corporation. While most of the supes are far from heroes, we’ve seen some good things from a few people in the series, and seen a lot of complicated secrets and conspiracies,

The Boys: The Self-Preservation Society

The Boys has been a very dark look into the world of superheroes. It’s compelling viewing, which is impressive as I generally don’t like shows where the majority of the characters are hard, if not impossible, to like. But the world building and the really twisted story, as well as the bits of history they’ve shown, have me very intrigued.

The Boys: The Innocents

I’m getting close to the end of the first season of The Boys. This world is dark and depressing, but oddly compelling. Things are building to a head as both sides are feeling the pressure and events gain momentum. A major confrontation is coming closer, we learn some motivations for major characters, and fewer and fewer of the characters are among “The Innocents.”

The Boys: Good for the Soul

Halfway through the first season, I’m still not exactly sure what to call The Boys. There are supers, certainly, but very few heroes. It’s a dark world of power games (super and not), celebrity, and more vengeance than justice.

The Boys: The Female of the Species

Things get even uglier on “The Boys,” which is quite an achievement. You keep thinking they’ve hit the bottom on how bad things can go, and then find out you’re wrong. There are grim events, interesting flashbacks, and some cracks in the ranks on “Female of the Species.”

The Boys: Cherry

The world of “The Boys” is a very dark and ugly one. Making superheroes “gritty” is nothing new, of course, but this takes things to a whole new level. While I’m generally not a fan of that approach, I have to say this series, so far at least, is well written, with good performances, great special effects, and some interesting and original ideas.