Arrow: Inheritance

   There’s a lot going on as Team Arrow deals with issues of “Inheritence.” A recurring theme on the show seems to be unexpected betrayals. I’m mildly surprised the entire team isn’t utterly, ravingly paranoid by this point.

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Arrow: Training Day

  Team Arrow struggles to adjust to their new status quo in “Training Day.” While the team has some growing pains getting used to their new role, not to mention pressure from an old enemy, the future group is getting used to each other, and Laurel gets a new subplot. There’s a lot of interesting things going on this episode.

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Arrow: Brothers in Arms

I’ve been watching Arrow, and mostly enjoying it, since the show debuted several years ago. I also haven’t make a secret about the fact that I’ve felt disappointed by most of this season, especially the whole ongoing “split teams” plot that just isn’t working on many levels. Well, it’s like the writers heard that many people don’t like this story and said, “Hold my beer.”

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