Titans: Lazarus

The third season of the Titans has been a hell of a ride so far, and it’s still getting interesting and odd. With two character deaths and a resurrection, it’s safe to say there have been surprising twists and turns.

Titans: Hank and Dove

ason, like in the comics, came back to life (we still don’t know how), became the Red Hood, and began operating as a flat-out supervillain. Worse, a smart supervillain, trained by one of the world’s greatest tacticians, who knows the Titans inside and out. There’s a lot of trouble coming for the team…

Titans: Red Hood

The third season of Titans wasted no time upping the stakes, leading off with the murder of Jason Todd, loosely adapted from the classic comic book collection “A Death in the Family,”…


Batman: Under the Red Hood

DC has certainly had their issues with live action movies over the last several years, but their animated features continue to be great. Kind of the reverse of Marvel in my opinion. The DC Animated Universe is one of the finest bodies of work out there, and the individual ones they’ve done since have been pretty damn good. There are various spoilers below. Thou art warned, reader.