Arrow: Leap of Faith

         Arrow continues its eighth and final season/farewell tour as we get to visit more things from the past. The show is impressively managing to move the story forward while giving curtain calls to elements we’ve seen before.

Arrow: Welcome to Hong Kong

    Arrow continues their eighth and final season with a goodbye tour of stories past. “Welcome to Hong Kong” is a nod to many events in season three, with more flash forwards of the now somewhat less dark future of Star City.

Arrow: Level Two

  The former Team Arrow keeps trying to find their way in the new world they are stuck with, as Oliver completes part of his goal and finally gets to “Level Two.”

Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

    As happens a lot, Arrow gets a new voiceover as the season moves forward. It’s still Oliver, but now he’s talking about the current circumstances of his incarceration, and ends it with “Now, I am Inmate 4587.”