Swamp Thing: Loose Ends

      The first and final season of Swamp Thing reaches its unfortunate end. Not only was the show cancelled before it even finished the season, but the 13 episodes were cut down to 10. I’m still hoping they find a way to bring this back at some point, but it’s not sounding great.

Swamp Thing: The Price You Pay

    There’s a strange darkness lurking in the swamps and woods outside Marias. It’s been hinted at by Swamp Thing and Madame Xanadu, and prepared for by the enigmatic Phantom Stranger, but we know very little about it.

Swamp Thing: He Speaks

   The small swamp town of Marias can’t catch a break, and nothing is getting any better. The disease is still out of control, the CDC hasn’t pulled a miracle out of their bag of tricks, and there are strange things happening in the swamps.