Batwoman: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 2

The Crisis on Infinite Earths continues on Batwoman. The first part had several cameos and a lot of surprises, as the extent of the high stakes was driven home by so many deaths. The special after-show, ala Talking Dead for Walking Dead, confirmed that all those worlds we saw in quick glimpses were destroyed, so the body count is already immensely high.

Batman: Harley Quinn

DC continues to do really well with their animated movies. Their latest offering, “Batman and Harley Quinn” was another entertainingly good time. And they are definitely making the most of not having to worry about being a “kids’ cartoon” any more with their theatrical and Digital Video releases. Just like the adaptation of The Killing Joke dealt with a lot more adult themes, they do some scenes that never would have flown in the WB or Cartoon Network shows.