Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Like many, I was stunned when Boseman died so unexpectedly, and I did not envy Marvel at all with the difficult job they had ahead of them. Recast a legend? Lose a powerful, influential character that so many look up to? There was, and still isn’t, a right answer there.

Coming Attractions: Marvel Announcements from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con, SDCC as most call it, is a hugely anticipated fan event. It’s the place where, among other things, a lot of big announcments are made. This year is no expection, and the folks at Marvel did a lot of talking about forthcoming projects. We got some character confirmations, specific release dates…

Champions 11

The Secret Empire “event” has been hard on just about everyone. I haven’t followed the main story, because I honestly don’t care about it, but I’ve seen a lot of the edges of it as it spills into the various titles that I regularly get. And things get ugly for the young heroes of the Champions this month.