Doom Patrol: Dead Patrol

Now, they deal with versions of the afterlife, strange magic, really weirdly expressed grief, and get some guest stars from one of the greatest comic book series of all time. “Dead Patrol” is a really busy episode.

Doom Patrol: Vacay Patrol

The Patrol veered into the land of the surreal when Grant Morrison got his hands on them, and they’ve pretty much stayed there ever since. Things get even odder than usual for them in “Vacay Patrol.”

Titans: Purple Rain

The third season of Titans has reached its end. They have already announced a fourth, and a few casting announcements for it (Brother Blood, Jinx, maybe Lex Luthor). But before we get there, the team needs to come back together, find a way to beat Jonathan Crane, and save the city from more mayhem.

Peacemaker: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Peacemaker’s first season is almost over. We’ve learned about the threat of the alien butterfly invasion, seen the really weird dynamics of this not-quite-a-team, and gotten some insights into at least some of the characters. Now things are building up to the final confrontation, and it’s getting ugly.

Titans: Prodigal

The third season of Titans is almost over, and it’s been a rough ride. The team came to Gotham, Jason Todd died, Hank died, Jonathan Crane has done a fantastic job of bringing the city to ruin, and the team has been shattered and a few steps behind almost from the start.

Peacemaker: Monkey Dory

We’ve had a few hints about what’s going on with the alien butterflies in Peacemaker. It’s ostensibly the reason the team has been put together, but we’ve been told very little about the larger picture. They finally fix parts of that, and give us several surprises, in “Monkey Dory.”