Agents of SHIELD: World’s End

Everything the Agents of SHIELD have been dealing with this season is finally coming together in the finale, “World’s End.” A very familiar muscle car fires up its engine and rolls out of a garage. The Zephyr is programmed to rapid random course changes in both direction and altitude in hopes of foiling Aida’s teleportation…


Agents of SHIELD: Deals with our Devils

After an odd few-week hiatus, the Agents of SHIELD return to “Deal With Our Devils.” Of course, with Ghost Rider running around, that might not be a figure of speech. What we do get is an interesting continuation of where things left off, and some pretty interesting story-telling techniques.


Agents of SHIELD: Good Samaritan

The jumping back and forth between time periods bit on tv shows is getting a bit old in my humble opinion. Yes, I admit I might be a bit sick of Flashback Theater on Arrow. But, credit where it’s due, Agents of SHIELD is at least being amusing with their titles. “Back In The Day,” and “Now,” are the settings. As makes more sense as the story goes on, this one is called “Good Samaritan.”


Agents of SHIELD: Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

The Agents of SHIELD go classic rock for their title this week, “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire.” It opens with an interesting revelation- Simmons and Fitz are apparently moving in together. She’s very excited about hunting for an apartment for them, but gets a surprise. Daisy lured her there because she needed help. Since Daisy left Robbie in LA, she’s been having a rough time of things, and needs Simmons’ medical expertise. But Daisy’s not entirely mean, she set up a nice surprise for Fitz and Simmons.


Agents of SHIELD: Uprising

Things are getting ugly for the Agents of SHIELD in “Uprising.” The team spends a lot of the episode scattered all over as they deal with various aspects of both the events of this episode in particular and some of the plots that are stretching over the season. It’s not a good episode for almost anyone on the team, really.


Agents of SHIELD: Ghost

The Agents of SHIELD return for a fourth season. They lead off with a lot of changes, and a title that could work on several levels: “The Ghost.” To recap a few points: Lincoln’s dead, Daisy quit and is on some kind of crusade of her own, and sometime in the break, Coulson’s been demoted to agent again. There’s a new director, but whoever it is has made themselves remarkably unpopular with just about everyone.